Suggestion for future proof VR headset


Hello ALL,

I want to buy Pimax HMD for Movies & PRN. Can you please give me some valuable suggestions and inputs for my future buying VR Headset. I know Prn industry will start creating 8k videos near in future if yes PIMAX 8k will support 180 degree 8K videos.
Do you think it’s worth investing in Pimax 8k for a future contents… or Oculus GO is ok for movies etc.

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They would need to focus more on 360 vids as 180 would give you any head rotation with it"s hi fov.


Does Pimax will support 360-8k videos…Like oculus Go with new update start supporting 6k videos…what is ur opinions…


The pimax 8k has two 1440p native input panels, so the input resolution is 2 * 1440 * 2560, so that’s 2800 * 2560 input resolution.

Now a 5k SBS movie has 5400 * 2700 resolution (or something similar), so that’s already more than what the 8k can natively display. Of course one could argue that it makes sense to even go to 6k, or 7k, since that effectively would be super sampling. However I disagree, since what those studios do is increase the resolution but not the bit rate, so the net effect is still very limited.

Long story short, 5k probably is optimal for the Pimax 5k/8k. Higher than that could make somewhat sense, due to it being super sampling, but only when they also increase the bit rate.


5k+ will be ok for me… just for movies…


Well I meant, 5k SBS movies is probably optimal for both the pimax 5k+ and the pimax 8k


For pron 8k is the winner hands down, all testers agreed that video is simply better on the 8k, better sde, brightness, colors and blacks, this is a case where sharpness apparently does more harm than good for the 5k, check .

In the rest of aspects, it greatly depends on Pimax. If Pimax can get Brainwarp or smooth rendering working on the 8k, it would probably end being the superior HMD since it has lower SDE and all of that can greatly improve clarity with high SS, also if they improve the upscaler rendering and so on. It also depends of your capacity to get the latest graphic card that can feed a higher res image to the 8k.

So it’s a bet, right now the wiser choice is 5k+, it’s cheaper and only loses to 8k in color, blacks and SDE but has much better clarity, but if you’re really thinking long term and trust Pimax will do their work and improve all those aspects, 8k could be a better long term option.

The thing is that on the long term the 8KX could be the superior headset, but we don’t know anything about it yet, even if they are able to produce it, also we can imagine it could compete with StarVR for the professional market and may be ridiculously expensive.


Thanks for reply.

Pimax5+ will support 6k videos out of box or after updating PItool it will support… i have tons of question in my mind.

I also had Oculus Go… what is benefit to get PIMAX HMD…there is any video clarity difference in PIMAX or IN OCULUS GO…


The oculus go has less resolution so it should play 6k video like other headsets.


From what I can tell, 5K+ is better for games like Elite Dangerous (sharp text with + SDE) , and 8K for movies (slightly less clear with - SDE). If so this would make sense 8K is superior headset if main use is for movies, as with films you view objects further away, not right up close such as reading instrument dials in a flight sim.

My only concern in selecting 8K, is if you ideally then need to invest in at least a 2080 TI or faster future GPU to increase SS to overcome the visual degradation that occurs from upscaling 1440p. For those stuck with 1080/Vega 64 with no plans for 1-2 years to upgrade their GPU, it seems the best option is to compromise, and get a 5K+.

So in that respect, one could indeed argue that the 8K is the most future proof headset Vs the 5K+, as with higher future GPU performance, SS turned right up will certainly look close to 5K+ yet with the definate benefit of less SDE. For movies then, 8K must be the best option.


Excellent Navi_8k…

Nowadays 8k contents is not ready nor created. Do u have any idea how log it will take…


I think the 8k could be better but in 3 years. At that point I’ll buy another HMD. For gamers anyways.


@ratjar Can I ask you where you find the best quality movies today? Asking for my little friend…


Well, as I have experienced, the best content is never free. I’ve found some good content on PH Premium lol


You are forgetting that you do not have all of the movie in view all the time, especially for 360 videos.

if you have an 8k 360 video, you will only see about 1/3 of the pixels with the 8k and even less with normal FoV HMD.
More than half of the pixels will be behind you and some will be above and below what you are looking at.

This is why 180 and especially 360 videos need a much higher resolution than the input resolution of the HMD if you want full quality.


I’m not forgetting anything. TS is talking about porn and that’s almost always 180 (as a friend of mine told me, LOL). The Pimaxes are 170 degrees so that’s the whole horizontal Fov over the panels (only 5% less). And sure, you could run at lower FoV, but that doesn’t change anything because it also cuts of part of the panel used.

So my calcs were correct.


What type of movies…Adult or wild animals mountains etc…


The highest res adult movies.


You’ll really have trouble finding those for free I’m afraid. You’ll find some with a simple google search but they’re at most 1440p and the … ahem, production value isn’t that great either.

But, you don’t always need to pay full price for accounts on those websites, fyi…


Well I’m ok with paying a bit of money, as long as I’m sure it has a decent amount and quality content bag. But I’m also too lazy to try and find out for myself, so I thought I’d ask one of these Pimax headset buyers that want it solely for movie watching, or, experts, as I’d call them.