Summary of MRTV LIVE SPECIAL with Kevin (PimaxUSA) .. Some great info for people who haven't watched



Here is the timestamp where he says 3 weeks: (1:11:50)

Go to 1:09:37 for when Sebastian asks the question


so faulty cables were checked after CNY? i was sent a faulty replacement cable AFTER CNY. :rage:


Well then I should get my 5k by March 15th max according to him. I’m going to have to see it to believe it. I just hope everything works out for Pimax from here on out.


I won’t get excited right now until I can see, touch, feel (lol) and use my 5k+.
All we can do is prey the gods of VR to receive our precious… :pray:t2:


Anything about .106 ?
Is it really coming on 27th ?


And yet i still await my 5k as well as my 8k and 4K BE would have thought by what kevin said that i should have had tracking for 5k by now at least but the wait continues …


Am I the only one that basically interprets this as 'Knuckels (and possible Valve HMD) on the low confirmed some time between now and Summer time`?

Thanks @glassy99 for the great summary!


Exactly what I thought this implied.


Good to hear about black dot issue. I think my first headset is really bad in the same batch, lol.


Thanks a lot, @glassy99… EPIC post right there… :slight_smile:


Unless they’re missing a phone number, or are using “special characters” etc (I have only experienced this once during many years of buying stuff online)… I doubt it, just a little bit, too… :wink:

I want to believe too though… I reeeeaally do…! :slight_smile:


Glad i live in the US. Any problems i can just ship to the US and get a fast replacement.


The interview shows that not even Pimax USA has the slightest idea of how or when they are going to get 2.0 stations in the quantities and price at which Pimax wants to buy them.

Do Pimax really want to buy them?

Manufacturers are interested in selling at the price they are most interested in, so as long as they can sell to other brands, with more profit, they will NEVER sell in sufficient quantities at a price low enough for Pimax. And since the 2.0 system will continue to work on many other current and future brands, that won’t happen for years, until it’s totally obsolete and nobody wants them anymore.

Pimax should increase the price of the Pimax to be able to add already the Lighthouse 2.0 stations with the price that they indicate them, buying in great quantities.
And respect the price that they assured to us, the backers.

Those of us who opted for the advantages of Lighthouse 2.0 tracking are not interested in buying other lower tracking of Lighthouse 1.0, less in a inside-out module with cameras and much less in the bad tracking of a NOLO; Pimax, don’t try to “sell” that idea to us, thank you.

I had hoped that Pimax itself would make its own stations, but it’s clear that it’s not going to be like that.


Yes, simply not possible they don’t have the legal rights, ;-( And Valve latest layoff doesn’t seem in the right direction toward in increasing VR commitment ;-(


Valve will probably soon show its own HMD with 2.0 stations and knuckles.
Will put a better price on their competition than on his own brand?
No way.


Pimax never has any liability, when it is not one thing it is another, meanwhile defective covers, dead pixels, no reward, unplanned for LH 2.0, etc., etc.


Seems that strange that valve layoff people and Is thinking to launch new VR product soon. More likely the will subsidize the hole thing to HTC and bye bye Pimax valve tracking. Inside and out tracking is getting the market on the lower segment

Just saying 8-(


Not if they’ve finished their work and they’re no longer needed.


This mind set is not for good companies, you go on the next iteration and prepare correction often required when you release the first version of a product. Do you honestly think valve you get rid of qualify and rare technical staff if the thinked high end VR was a big market in a forseable future…

Even Microsoft admitted the low end market is deceiving and is putting much more efforts on AR…


But quite common in big companies infortunately.