SUPEN-1508: I can´t login in support page to continue with the technical support



Im trying to login in the support part of the web to send my teamviewer details to start the connection, but i cant login. I sent a reply email for the SUPEN, but last time i used the reply email, I think it didn’t work.
and when I try to reset the password, they send a email saying that password reset is disabled for my account


Same here. 2020202020


Same here,too.
How can we solve it?


Recent hack apparently messed up some user accounts but no user info security compromised.

Was suggested try creating a new support account supplying original Supen number. But some have reported create a new account down.

@Dallas.Hao can you assist?


Thank you for your reply.
But I do not know how to create a new support account by specifying the original Supen number, could you tell me about that?


same here too…2020202


Same here😞 2020202020


same here !!! 202020


What I mean is create a new account & new support Ticket in the space where you can post a message list your original supen number & what the issue was & that you can’t log into your old account.


I was unable to create a new account yesterday, but thanks to PimaxUSA I could create it.
Thank you .


It’s possible to create a new account with the same email address? I can’t still access…


I believe so but not sure. Think i used the same


I made a support ticket on a new account on Jan 17th about not being able to reset password. There still hasn’t been a response. Should I just make a new ticket and put my SUPEN from the last account and hope they respond to that one?
I’m not sure I can make another account with the same email since it says it already exists, so maybe I was not effected by that but still want to reset password.
My direct PM to Dallas Hao a week ago about password resetting also did not receive a response


I was able to create a new account with a different email address,while I can not create a new one with the old address .


I tried to create a new account with a different email, but and I can’t create it becuase it say my password don’t satisfy the policy, and I can assure you the password satisfy the policy…