SUPEN-2275: Still waiting for replacement HMD, no valid trackingnumber and pure chaos



Out of desperation i need to make this public…

After problems with the 5k+ i was told to send my HMD back to Pimax and they will send me a replacement.
When my HMD was received by Pimax it was confirmend that i get replacement sent and also reimbursement for shipping cost.

Fast forward…what happened so far after weeks:

  • i got a tracking number that is not working (looks like telephone number)

  • Pimax Support is telling me that Fedex cant deliver the package and i should contact them
    (of course i cant do anything if pimax cant even provide a working tracking number)

  • Pimax Support is telling me again and again that my Postal Code is incorrect
    (BUT it clearly is correct and is the same they used to ship the kickstarter 5k+ initially)

After weeks there is still no proof (tracking id) that Pimax even sent me an replacement.
It is really crazy and the whole replacement process seems very fishy.

@xunshu @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @DerekVVV @Dallas.Hao @mozi please help cleaning up this mess!


Same here ticket 4186 (replacement) which has been routed to the US Pimax Service Center so far no communication how the process works.

DJI as an example for new technologies made in China shows that quick service and streamlined processes can turn a business into a great success. Their return process is so fast and hassle free that it works worldwide, with literally no fees or costs for the customer.

Buying an expensive technology which more or less requires the customer to buy more stuff to get it to work better (lighthouse, deluxe audio strap and controllers) should at least have a hassle-free replacement process if things are not how they should be!!


Sounds like they think you’re Australian, Fedex was their preferred courier there. But could be they’ve switched.
Good luck mate :crazy_face:


Welcome to the mistake of the year. We all did it.
I have similar issues…

Their stupid website doesn’t even have a contact number, just one bloke ignoring support tickets.

Good luck on your replacement.


yeah this could be an explanation, i already wrote the support that Austria is not Australia, no Kangaroos here


Maybe the chinese translation works better.
Land of the terminator not wolverine.