SUPEN-3776 Cracked case


I need a resolution to this case. I was promised by Derek a quick replacement with delivery on proof of postage of faulty item on my side… 12 days later no news, cannot even log into my account ! A response will be nice. Thank You!


@DerekVVV … This one is for You… :wink:


…a reply will be nice and much appreciated!


Maybe @SweViver can help out if You’re still stuck?


Seems You have a reply on the other post You did:

I’ll mark this as a duplicate then.


Pimax has replaced the ticket system which will improve the communication and efficiency a lot (the old one was terible hence all the delays and struggles). An announcement about this will be done very soon.

For all new tickets, a new account on needs to be made and new ticket issued, but for old tickets, we are trying to solve each ticket case day by day right now . Please leave me a DM here (private message) and I will take care of this with Derek first thing tomorrow morning.

Edit: Oh I see Derek got back to you already in the other post above. Never mind. Anyways, we will sort this asap!



Martin, many thanks for your reply.
I am getting a bit worried here. This is an expensive product which I cannot afford to loose. The item was sent back, I need a replacement send asap. Please see the response to Derek below:

Hi Derek,

The correct tracking number is FWGE5874235GB and you received the headset, please see the link with signature proof : 1
I have unfortunately uploaded from my system the wrong receipts, I do apologise for that. I am happy to upload the receipt if you let me know where. As it stands I cannot access my SUP case, link looks is broke.
With regard to your question, my first replacement headset was sent directly from China not from the UK warehouse, this is why I had to pay duty. The shipper address: Pimax Technology Co LTD based in Hong Kong can be clearly seen in the invoice I have sent in the SUP.
I look forward to hearing from you and hope my replacement will arrive soon.

Kind Regards


I have forwarded this to Derek and he is taking care of your case. Let me know how it goes and follow up in direct message! :slight_smile:




we have refunded JS570544232GB 24.32GDP, have you received it ?

please open a ticket on ODOO , and upload the correct receipt.


Hi, I confirm I got the £24.32 refund for tax duty. I have created a ticket with number #16,280 and uploaded the correct receipt for the headset you have received from me. Many thanks for your assistance and look forward for my replacement soon.