SUPEN-4502 No housing replacement?



Got three cracks on my 5k+ model P2.

I requested pimax to send me a new front housing for replacement unless there is no way to do that.

Pimax replied that ‘currently’ it is not available for customers to get new housing.

I can wait for a new housing all year so asked them if they have any plan to send it.

No answer for days.

Do you have any plan to do that?
I want flawless pimax than the 100$ coupon.

@Dallas.Hao @PimaxVR


The front replacement was only ment for pimax re.
But they dont have it anymore.

You should just ask for full replacement


Full replacement?
Then it will take about two months huh.


You have to wait for minimum two months anyway.
And btw only new front housing is very risky…
Its not meant for consumer replacing.
That needs to be done by a professional in special contained sealed area.