SUPEN-4576 crack on housing | no news | support website can't be reached




As lots of people, I have a crack on my 5K+, opening a ticket; 4576

May 20: Micheal WANG propose me to replace my headset by another unit. (In the same email, he request me to confirm the postal address, and she’s not correct, how it is possible, I have already bought the 5K+ ???)
May 22: I request him, before send back my unit, the root cause for this issue, and to be ensure I will not have the same problem on the replacement unit.

Since, no news, and the support website can’t be reached, I have a certificate warning (expired).

Well, somebody can help me ? @MichaelWang @Pimax-Support @pimax



Hi man. Please leave me a direct message and I will take care of your support ticket first thing on Monday morning.

Your ticket might have been overlooked as Michael unfortunately does not work here anymore. Sorry for that!



OK, what informations do you need ? Do you have access to the support system (I think not, your name doesn’t appear when I want to share my ticket)

My last masseage:
"#### DOMINIQUE Guillaume

2019/05/21 13:29Latest

Hello Michael,
Thanks for your reply. First of all, I’m not Backer, just pre order.
About this issue, I want to be sure the problem is solved before send you my headset, did you find root cause of this problem ? what is the corrective action. I want to avoid the same issue on the replacement unit.
Thanks for your explanation about this issue.

And what’s about the support website ? ( Am I alone to have a certificate issue? I join him changing the date on my pc, I think it’s only an expired certificate issue, normally very simple to fix by the webmaster.

Thanks SweViver


It’s not just You… :wink:

The certificate has “just” expired and normally it’s not a good idea to proceed to the site with an expired certificate, but in this case it doesn’t hurt (it’s legit, “just” expired).

It the certificate for the system “behind” the feedback page which is actually located here which has an expired certificate:



Heya loulou, I’m in the exact position as you, I even wrote pretty much the same as you, asked if the cracking issue was fixed since I don’t want to send back my pimax and then get another one cracking. But after that I got no anwser which Most likely means the problem is not solved. Sad enough


Hello all,
Today I would like to check my ticket in order to take a look on address for headset return, and the system doesn’t works: “JIRA Service Desk is not licensed”
When I click on “go to JIRA home”, I can’t see my ticket 4576, is it normal ?

  1. I would like to confirm the postal address to return my defective headset
  2. I would like to know if I have to use the original packaging, or if I can use a smaller container, to limit shipment fees

@DerekVVV, @SweViver


Do not use JJRA, use this


Yes, I saw this new system, but my email is not recognized, I created a new account, but not historical…


Ok so this is disturbing, it seems im not the only person suffering this absolutely awful support. I too have the cracked case issue had an initial response to RMA the unit then bafore i had a chance to send the init back the ticket was closed. I then opened a new ticket with all the details, got an email from a lady called Sally but nothing since this is now been going on since May. Ive even sent a message sweviver and again nothing.
I think its time to cut my loses and sell the unit on at a loss, rest assured ill be spreading the word on hoe pimax treat people among the various communities as much as possible. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!


Dion, as I wrote you in DM, your ticket was not closed but the whole support system was moved to a new platform which is now way more efficient and easier to manage. Your new ticket you created on the new platform is already getting processed and you will be able to send in your headset on RMA most likely tomorrow. In most cases, the whole RMA process takes no longer than 2 weeks (thats including delivery of your return HMD to UK Warehouse, 1-3 days process time to prepare and send a new HMD to you, and including the delivery time for your replacement HMD right to your door).

You will get updated with the address details and instructions, either tonight or tomorrow!



Thanks Martin, I really appreciate your efforts to get this resolved!


Ten days ago, I’m connected to, I tell a question to Derek, to confirm the return postal address, and to confirm mine. Today, I want to connect to, doesn’t work, I connect to, the screen is empty…

The aftersales by Pimax is a real nightmare for customer… How I have to do now???

@SweViver, @DerekVVV, please help, what is the current support system ??? how to log it ??? what address ???

I open the case 2 month ago …



The last days, the old system Jira havent been accessible (not on admin side either from here) and Im not sure whats causing this, but the team is looking into this.

Derek is no longer doing support tickets as he moved over to sales department quite recently, and currently Matthew, Sally, Wythe and a few others are working on support tickets. Im not sure what happened to your ticket (as I cant reach the old system, as mentioned), but please hit me with a DM and I will look into this together with the team. You are not supposed to wait for 10 days of course. Something has gone wrong here, and we apologize for that… :slight_smile: