SUPEN-4816 Urgent update on delivery of order P124094 - RTX 2080 Ti cards


Following the completion of the purchase on 5th March of RTX 2080 Ti cards, we have since failed to receive the ordered item. Order: P124094.

Can you please advise on the status of the order and why has not been delivered yet, no contact has been made with us for almost 2 months. Also, we did not receive any email to confirm the shipping address and the tracking number.

This is required very urgently and overdue for delivery by weeks. This is an unacceptable service at this late stage.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.
Kind Regards.

@DerekVVV @SweViver3

I think it would be in this month .

Hi Derek,

This does not seem at all a serious, professional and reliable answer.

I have never encountered such a bad service like this before. I am wondering if Pimax is, in fact, a legit company. I do have suspicions.

Best wishes,



You should not think, you should know… I understand why Edi is upset…


I am still inquiring on this.

update: We received the RTX 2080 Ti cards on 11th July, after more than 4 months.

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Wow very fast!..

Hello Derek. Could you check SUPEN-4502 and #16581 for a second?
I can’t access SUPEN-4502 anymore and counselor of #16581 is not doing well.

Poking @SweViver , @DerekVVV is now in the sales team.

Oops. Did not know that. Sorry @DerekVVV :sweat_smile:

I cant access the old ticket’s admin panel either anymore, but I have forwarded this to Matthew and the others in support team, and they should get in touch with you any time now!

Thank you Martain!
I am really worried if I get my mine after 3 months from the day I sent the headset :joy: