SUPEN-4863 Headset Replacement Status


Hi, just wondering on the status of my replacement headset since its almost been a week. I hope the replacement I’m getting will have both lens working.


Support is also not answering to me, my faulty unit arrived in the warehouse last week but since then silence, i tried to message but no answer.


Folks maybe send @SweViver a pm (private message) with your Supen numbers.


Hi Noel, I will make sure the team gets in touch with you shortly.
I think the delay is caused because the support guy you were assigned to is no longer working here, so your ticket must have been lost in action :slight_smile: Im really sorry for the trouble. Let me forward this quickly to some active support guys right away!


Ah okay, thank you for that. Hopefully I get a response really soon.

Even though when I tested the BE headset with only the right lens working, I can imagine what the FOV was like, if it was all working (feels pretty awesome). Plus the SDE, it wasnt soo bad at all compared to the Rift I had. It felt pretty good actually.

I just hope when the replacement comes, that both lens are in excellent working condition.

Thank you SweViver


Hi @SweViver
Is it Michael Wang that has left?
I’m still waiting for my replacement headset for SUPEN-3199. Its been 25 days since Pimax received my faulty headset and I’m no longer getting any response from support in regards to my replacement.
Regards, Dre.
Ps. love your work.


@super_dre yes. Its unfortunate and this occurred to a few other users as well. I have left a message to the support guys and I will make sure your ticket gets processed later tonight when the support guys are up and running. Its in the middle of the night in China at this moment so its quite difficult to get anything done right now. :slight_smile: