SUPEN 5132, help



I had to open a new support account for the fourth time… what is going on!?

I am waiting for a RMA shipping refund for months now. I heard “tomorrow” or “this week” like a 100 times. Is it really to much to ask for a stable support platform where my account is not deleted every now and then?

sally huang

sorry I have checked the refund status, for nohow the payment is in pending.
anyway will do it again,
sorry for the delay, I promise today you will get it.

derek vvv


please don’t worry , your refund 42 CHF will be done tomorrow.

sally huang

Sorry for the inconvenient and improper customer service.
In order to solve the problem soon.
I have move your ticket to the other area, and my colleague will reply you soon.
Thanks for your understanding.

derek vvv


have checked , will done in this week.

seriously, is this a bad joke or what is going on!?


SUPEN-4502 similar here.
They told me that they sent the refund two times but received nothing.


all that for 42 CHF ?


After reading a lot of stories such as these about the refunds and delays I just skipped the SUPEN and filed directly a paypal claim. The refund was made in about 3 weeks.


good for you but kickstarter and rma refunds were not handled via paypal.

@DerekVVV @PimaxUSA derek, kevin, could you please take a look?


no they don‘t take a look… cool… pathetic!

now support is telling me:

Just double checked and please kindly check the refunded transaction record as attached

and sending me a random screen with transactions…

I am Marc, not Sven…

what a mess.


Another update. Why would they not just push that button to refund me instead?

Hi we are now working on the ticket, please be patient.

I was patient for about 4 months now…

@Dallas.Hao trying you because nobody else seems to give a …


Let me check this with Derek, something must have gone wrong here for sure… Give me a moment and I will see what we can do!