SUPEN-5335 Can't access support portal



It’s looking like I got a bit unlucky in that the support portal went thru an overhaul/change, and I’m no longer able to access my support ticket. With the support site now going thru odoo, my current account/password is no longer being accepted, and going thru the old support portal shows that I have no tickets filed on my account.

To sum up the progress done so far, I’ve submitted a repair/replacement request for my Pimax 5k+. I’ve already received my replacement headset within a week after submitting the ticket, but I wanted to follow up with returning the defective headset.

They’ve specified to return the headset abroad to the UK over at Stoke-on-Tents, and that they’re willing to compensate up to $50 for the shipping fees. The problem is that being in the US, the costs of shipping is gonna be far more than $50. Considering that the replacement headset was shipped from the US, surely there’s a location where I can ship the replacement headset that wouldn’t be overseas.

Thanks again for the help.

EDIT: I’ve attempted over the weekend to reply back to the support emails that were sent to me asking for assistance, but no reply was sent towards my direction. Figure my next best bet was to reach out to the pimax forums again for assistance.


Weird with you in US. The NA support center should be on this.


Your replacement came from the US office, I see that piece was delivered on the 15th. I can see on the ticket for some reason they think you are in the Netherlands… Not Maryland where we sent the headset. Please call the office tomorrow and we will generate a UPS return label for you. (407-567-7788)

Update: I did a little more research on it and found that the request for UK shipment was a deleted message that Derek deleted almost when he created it. It’s clearly a bug that a ticket holder could see that.