Support account sign-up still "Signup is not currently available"



Hi, I was going to sign-up for a support account but sign-up seems to still be unavailable.

I was going to file a ticket about the “white sparkles/flickering” issue.
So how do I move forward with this issue?
I do have a short clip of the issue but who to send it to?



The website comes up and goes gown periodically. Ill tag some Pimax employees

@Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang @PimaxUSA


Unfortunately it seems support is having Support desk issues.

@Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen @Alan.sun


Same problem seeing inability to sign up after my issue has been pointed in that direction. This needs fixing or our issues can’t be fixed if you aren’t going to answer in the forums.


Received, i will follow this issue and adding this problem to Pimax suggestion&issue sheet


So where should I report my Sparkles issue in the meantime?


Please check this issue and follow this until this issue resolved.


please PM me with details,thanks.


What’s your sign up account please?


I will also add that I cannot sign up to the support website.
I get this error:

Signup is not currently available

I also need to log a support request for the faulty cable which causes the sparkles.
I will PM you my email address in case you want it.


Add me to the list of people who cant sign up for a support account.


Also can’t sign up to a support account and also getting sparkles - cable fault


I have same problem. When will you fix it pimax???


I created an account yesterday. I was using special characters in my password or the password was too long. The error “signup is not currently available” was just misleading I think. Try simpler or different length passwords (might be too long or too short)

[Replied]Pre-order status and lack of response

Support account problem solved and new cable solved the sparkles issue, topic can be closed.

@Heliosurge @Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen

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