Support for Linux?


My consultation goes from if there would be support for Linux. 3D applications “blender”.


I’m so sorry about it, we do not have this plan to support Linux now. Sorry.


It will be a long time.Please just use windows.


Nope, sorry, no windows here, i refuse to use spyware… if you like it, fine for you, but many of us do not want it.

We can understand if you support first windows, but later on also support linux (and mac if possible)
pimax should support linux. If you open specs, be open source friendly and ask for help, open source people can even do most of the work. Ask for help in kernel mailing list and mesa (or even steam, with steamvr compatibility and cheaper, more VR alternatives may be a great thing for then) and offer 2 or 3 sets to the developers that want to help and magic will appear

anyway, if this had linux support, i would just buy itnow, a few hours after i found it… but as it do not have, i will wait. Maybe this will have linux support, maybe others may show up with linux support, or htc steamvr may drop the price (it already have linux support)


Hey i hear you. I prefer Linux as well (running Manjaro).

Atm no linux support. Truth think we need the kernel to mature more with new display stack utilising wayland.

Also waiting on Valve to push vr support in linux. There is drivers in steam for linux & osx so hopefully soon.

I just run multiple machines. I have a W10 game only pc setup in the mean time. Nothing worth spying on a limited use machine.


I liked this HMD, but will wait until it supports Linux to buy one.


I wonder if the community could create a wrapper like what was used for wireless drivers til native support arrives.


+1 (will buy, once there is linux support)


Hey as a fellow linux junky. Might be an idea to see if some kind of wrapper can be made like they used to use for wireless windows driver.



I am really looking forward for Linux support.

Would mind telling more about the nature of the blocker here? Is it upstream software stack (e.g. Valve) or is just a matter of making the package Linux-compatible?

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I am in the same camp. At present i would say resources. They have been hard at it getting it nice & stable on 1 platform. I am sure once thats done and/or more resources we will see linux support. Especially since the graphic stack is coming along nicely in linux.

Currently into Manjaro


Hi, given that Windows system is mainstream in VR market and the limited resource we have, Linux is beyond our plan at present, sorry.


I would reccommend after 8k launch complete. Look into just porting the driver. Oculus did one using a combo of a linux native bin & using wine with sdk to fill in the blanks.

Linux actually has stronger vr programing. Valve might be willing to help


This Article might be usefull. As if ww can use part of this might be able use it to see PiMax headset as a vive & use steamcompositor.

Might just need a tool to switch hmd into pimax mode


Thanks, I have reported it to our internal system and product dept. will discuss this feature.


Any updates on using Pimax on Linux? Did steamcompositor work out?


I suppose there is a bit of a problem with the “most gamers use Windows” stat in that a Pimax 5k+ is not a mid-range consumer product where most Windows users are at, but instead a high end only product. At least most everyone I come across who is both enough of an enthusiast to want one of these and has the kind of job that will pay for this this is either on a Mac and using it to access Linux servers or works directly with Linux all day both desktop and server. The problem with Mac though is while Steve Jobs was 3D friendly, he is gone and Tim Cook is very anti 3D and has been closing off the platform to any and all 3D use with major software houses in turn abandoning the platform because of this. So this just leaves Linux if any of these high end users want to use this headset without having a second expensive Windows computer just to use it. Actually with Steam now having really good Linux support overall, the whole second box deal just for gaming is going away for me, let alone a second box beefy enough to drive this headset. This is just too much money and hardware breaks and becomes obsolete after a while, especially when trying to push higher pixel count VR headsets, so this proposition is just not reasonable for most anyone, especially not so many of the people who would otherwise go for a headset like this.