Support for Linux?


I’m sure you agree they need to focus on one platform first. Now being a fellow Linux user it might be possible to use Wine maybe to get some functionality. But haven’t delved into that idea.


I have been looking around and while wine has been suggested many times, I have not found anywhere where someone has reported it working. Until someone can show me it working, I really don’t have motivation to get this headset.

If it helps any I got a new data point from my brother on May 23rd while playing Elite Dangerous on his MSI 2080 Ti Seahawk EK X. The card reported 77% utilization at 1,935 MHz and 47C GPU temp while room temp was in the mid 70’sF. So there is at least one major title not completely maxing out the card. There are a number of minor / demo titles that do run with ease. In other words it lends credence to the notion Pitool is getting good enough to where they don’t have a real excuse to not develop for Linux except maybe they don’t care about making these extra sales. I can understand why not to develop for Apple because Tim Cook made it completely pointless for Pimax to try, but there are real people here and probably a whole more than who posted on this forum who really want to use this headset with Linux.


Well it’s about Team size tbh. But there is good news as pimax is moving towards opening pitool to opensource.

Once we find out to what extend Linux support is likely. Being a fellow Linux user know there is some work that will help already like Steamplay & Vive kernel contributions.

What I have been curious is, is it possible to run pitool through wine? As have read up wine can potentially access gpu directly(at least on Amd).

And let’s be honest atm there is very little content that I have seen with Native linux support. Steamplay though is helping.


At the moment at least, it seems the biggest thing needed for the Pimax headset is for Steam to coordinate with other headset manufacturers such as Pimax before changing around their API’s. At the moment my brother cannot use his Vive based controllers nor the light houses with his Pimax 5k+ because Steam changed something with their latest update and they don’t seem to like allowing people to roll back when they break things. I hope Steam is not trying to pull a Microsoft here because this headset is a real big step up from the Vive and I think VR as a whole needs headsets like this in its ecosystem in order to thrive. Also of course it will be harder to develop Linux compatibility when you are always scrambling to try to figure what Steam changed so your headset can at least work right on one platform.

By the way, I finally got a chance to try out my brother’s Pimax 5k+. The headset hardware is the real deal. Every specification that matters is a leap ahead of the first gen Vive to make a real, compelling second generation product. I have also had a chance to try out the Vive Pro and the Pimax 5k+ is much better overall. Of course with anything computer, you don’t stop at the second generation as there is always room for a next generation of improvements. (This is not the right place to go into details. Basically what I have read and seen in reviews of the pros and cons of these 3 headsets match up well with my first hand experience.)


Agreed Valve is quite often hit & miss with their endeavors. Ie breaking controllers like they had at one time with Hotas & openvr input emulator.

Pimax has also benefit of modules. Being a small company they are working on big things instead of playing it safe like the competition.