Survey sent for backers id over 3000


Hi! I’ve just received my survey :

Greetings from Pimax VR company!
We are about to ship your Pimax headset!

Using Pimax mathematics this gives me between

(3500-1300 headsets produced )/75 headsets a day = 29 work days + 4 day + shipping
(3500-1300 headsets produced)/100 headsets a day = 22 work days + 3 day + shipping

Any news on the brightness and colors adjustment in pitool for the 5K+?

@PM_Sean, @xunshu


Number 2779, no survey e-mail.


Backer 5124, survey received.


Just got mine, #7090


lol, whats goin on got one too number 5xxx


I got mine, too.


32xx, got mine too - was hidden n the Spam folder.

As it appears that it has been sent to all backers irrespective of backer number position, we shouldn‘t get too excited about it… :wink:


Backer 3603 here and I just got this email too. I’m UK based and sticking with the 8K.



The Survey is a Survey Monkey, is this correct? I got mine today (backer 44XX) and I was wondering if it was legit especially when they are asking what HMD did you back?!! - surely they can deduct this from their records :slight_smile:


I got the survey email as well, backer 6000, was in the spam folder


i guess its to make sure how many 5k+ or 8k they need to produce for backers


Probably done just to ask you specific questions… aka 8K-x choices or 5k+


Im backer 5xxxx and receive the survey. This is legit ? @xunshu @Pimax-Support. Thanks


Got mine today backer 61xx


i’m 6650 did just recive survey today.


6099 here, also got it today


Over 7000 here, spreadsheet suggests they have sent them all out.

This makes no sense. Many of the people in this list are 3 months or more away from their headset being made let alone delivered. Addresses will change in that sort of time frame. This is rules of delivery 101.


i exist :slight_smile: got survey! 5365
… and the beat goes on…


Yes kind of ;-( But I think they can trigger a “confirm address review” later before shipping in Kickstarter. This survey is not done by kickstarter API

Dallas, are you using the validate address feature in Kickstarter? I’ve just received one from an other project and it give your 48 hours to modify your shipping address in kickstarter before shipping.


Backer #6500 received survey 2 hours ago :slight_smile: