Survey sent for backers id over 3000


Received mine today in spam folder!! 4998. A little step closer. :+1:


I just woke up to my survey (backer 62xx). I still think I’ll be waiting until February/March but here’s to hoping I’m proved wrong!


check your junk mail thats where mine was


Does this survey go to the email address that we specified on the original survey that Pimax gave on their Kickstarter account page? I’m backer #67** and haven’t ever received email to that address yet.


Have you checked all Spam folders ? Mine was hidden there…


yes, it’s my main email that I use so quite familiar with it. Currently I show no email in spam or otherwise from Pimax.


Check spam, mine was marked as spam And am backer 5996.


Was in my spam backer 7200ish
Suggest that MRTV / sweviver / voodoode tell people to check their spam folders for survey


No effect. I’m living in my spam folder for about a day. :slight_smile:


Most people know where they will be living in 3 months. especially people who have money to spend on a VR kickstarter.


Getting the survey still doesn’t make it any less annoying that I’m practically at the very end of the queue to get a headset, but I’ll fill it out anyway.


Remember that it are not all kickstarter numbers have an reward… some supported only with a smaller amount of cash… i believe that some time ago Robin told that backer 1 was a 1 dollar pledge.
and if i do not remember wrong there was some pledges with multiple HMD’s.
So the question are do we rely know how many HMD´s they have to send to backers?


received, backer 3579 :slight_smile:


Yes we do, around 5500 units total will be sent to Kickstarers. The Kickstarter page lists how many pledges for each reward were made.

My theory is Pimax sent out all the remaining surveys for two reasons: first, so they could figure out how many parts to order for each type of headset, and second, to stop people who got the survey from constantly asking “where is my headset, I got the survey, it should have shipped by now!”


Backer number 5254 here, and got my survey email today.


Mind sharing your 8K decision rationale ?


I read the pros and cons for each HMD and I couldn’t decide which one to go with, so I just stuck with what I ordered in the first place; the 8K.

I have a Vive right now and I hated it with a passion before I upgraded the lenses, so the 8K will be an awesome upgrade for me. :slight_smile:



#46xx Completed survey. Choose the 8k.


Okay folks most have likely done this. I reccommend.

Adding support to contacts.


2128 Got my email wooohoo!!