Survey sent for backers id over 3000


Backer 6264, opted for 5k+ on my survey :smiley:


Actually it’s not an email from pimax, it just looks like it comes from pimax. It actually comes from member @ surveymonkeyuser . com

Considering it asks for your email and Kickstarter id, the info there could be used to steal Kickstarter accounts. Could Pimax please confirm they really sent these surveys?

Really, considering the links are personal and Pimax already has all this info, why would they ask for it again. This only makes it look more phishy.

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Mine was also in my Junk folder.


My main VR app will be Elite Dangerous and my second use will be to watch videos in VR, so deeper blacks and better colors are the reasons I chose the 8K.


Although it’s a genuine fear, surveymonkeyuser is a survey site and internal reply addressed seems find.

From: " via SurveyMonkey" <> ToSubject: =?utf-8?q?We_are_about_to_ship_your_Pimax_Kickstarter_reward!_?= Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2018 10:42:56 +0000 Reply-To:


I got mine too in the spam folder. Backer 5xxx - thought for a moment they might be fast tracking content creators for PR reasons or something, but it looks like they just want to know who wants which models.


Agreed. As production ramps up, they need to order larger quantities of parts.


I’m backer 1298, I got my email from support@pimax , not survey monkey, and I got a email to acknowledge my choice.


open the details. of the from part of the email.

Damn it This thread got me second guessing now.


The email from us want to confirm the backers’ information again. (some backers change address,email or phone number)


Hi Dallas, so you confirm that you send all survey to all backers by using the monkey survey site? Kickstarter already has a internal process to confirm shipping address so this is confusing


The survey can collecting information better,But if you don’t use survey we will contact you via support email one by one.So no one’s request will be missed


Thanks, I’m waiting :slight_smile:
And for the tickets is down now


In the spreadsheet I saw some people with “undecided”. Is there a time limit for the survey or is “undecided” an option?

Still leaning towards the 8k but I would like to see the 5k+ for more than the 5 minutes in Gouda last Sunday.


I’m backer 37XX and I received the survey yesterday.
I still don’t know which model I’ll choose.
I’ll buy my new PC with i9 9900k and RTX 2080Ti (I have now i7 2600k/980 Ti)… So with this config perhaps the 8K could be a good choice… Or not? Ohhhh I’ll become crazy! Very difficult choice!


I have two pledges in the 4000 and 5000 range and was pretty blasé reading we all now got surveys. But then when I opened my email and actually saw the message my heart rate did rise. I’m super excited!


Curb your enthusiasm. Pimax, probably, just wants to know what parts to order. Your stuff isn’t getting shipped any time soon.


I’m aware of that, hence my initial blasé reaction. But the mere sight of something shipment related in my personal inbox was enough to get my smiles up, partypooper


Well, if you never get your hopes high, you are never going to be disappointed. :neutral_face:


You make te right choice and the 3 testers all agreed that the 8k is better for watching movies for colors as well as sde. I believe after trying the headsets i am as sensitive for SDE in games as well as movies i guess it’s because i have to look in detail for my work and have developed detailed vision. While clearly other people get more easily destracted or immerged from sde that is my conclusion why some people don’t bother with the 5k+ sde