Survey sent for backers id over 3000


I have not received my survey yet, even though my correct email and shipping address are listed on the Pimax Kickstarter page. Please, send me the recent survey like others here.


That’s important.Contact and give her your backer number then she will ask for your information .It’s ok if you didn’t receive the survey.But contact us


awesome, and thanks for the quick response.


Mine is “over 9000” … hum, no, its over 5000 and I received the survey indeed.
I selected to switch to 5K (from 8K).


ok email now sent to support. Thanks again.


survey received :sunglasses:


Got the survey… backer 4272


Are people supposed to get any kind of confirmation e-mail after the survey is completed?


I don’t think so. I haven’t gotten one.


Have you checked your spam folderr??


60xx got the survey, how many time we have to answer?


Backer 26XX here, and no survey received. Yes I double checked my spam folder. I got nothing. This is really upsetting. Can anyone help? Is there anything I can do?


just email pimax support and you get one



Okay, I’ve emailed them. Let’s see what happens. Glad I checked, been busy for the past week. No kickstarter update either, so who knows how many folks don’t know what’s going on?


It’s :grin:

They really should redirect traffic… :+1:


I had the same issue a few days ago. Just email them and you wil get a survey response within 24hrs.


Lol but I seem to be wearing a vest with a whistle.


I received and completed the survey. Is the survey separate from the email they send just prior to shipping to confirm your final choice of 8K vs 5K+ or is it the same thing?


its the same,and what did you choose?