SweViver First Look: Assetto Corsa Competizione VR on Pimax 8K & 5K+


Assetto Corsa Competizione in VR on Pimax 8K and 5K+ - a first look with VR performance analysis and my conclusions so far… :slight_smile:

Sorry guys this video is a bit rushed, but I made it this morning after work, so I hardly edited anything…

I hope you will find it interesting anyway. Let me know what you think, and please give the video some love, it kept me sleepless between my working shifts :wink:

Going to sleep for 2 hours now, then back to work haha. I will catch up with you later tonight! :heart:


Sweet! Can’t wait to get home from work now.


Not surprisingly, I have new asseta Corsa and 1080ti and it struggles on a 2.5k monitor as well, pretty poor optimisation at this stage. Anyway, since I’ve tried iracing - I can’t find any reasons to play any other racing game…
P.s. postprocessing is meant to be fully disabled in all vr titles :wink:

P.p.s never use antialiasing with resolution scale. To get rid of jaggies disable any available AA and increase resolution scale (in-game). Fxaa, smaa, taa are not demanding, but always makes a lot of blur at high presset. Low or medium won’t be enough for vr. Resolution scale is the most universal and effective way to solve juggies available in lots of games.


Wow the graphics is surprisingly unappealing.:grinning:


I’ve tried it on 49inch monitor with 1080 non ti and it just sucks badly for visuals at that size. Can understand the disappointment totally. I home they fix a bit with more versions. As much as I love iRacing, it would be nice to have something different to go to that’s as good as to play occasionally from a racing sim perspective. Might try it in my dell visor on the weekend to see how it runs there.


Did you try this game in new rendering algorithm by disabling “compatible with parallel projections” mode?


yup what the hell? does it look this bad only in vr…? it looks worse than the original assetto corsa…


I need AA in my life. No amount of SS fixes the jaggies of no AA for me. In ACC High Temporal + sharpening that works will look pretty good like in PCARS 2. Sharpening doesn’t work in VR yet. I’ve messed around with settings already and like PCARS 2 any weather/time of day that’s not mid-day and sunny will be laggy. It’s early access though so I’m accepting it for what it is now.


Gamer Muscle has a VR guide that might help.


OH i didn’t know post processing shouldn’t be on. I remember I used it in AC before. Any specific reason?

I cant agree about the AA. I must say most games that are not Unity engine, whatever resolution u use, will never look good unless some kind of AA is applied. The jaginess is one of my biggest enemies :slight_smile:
I agree AA can make things a bit blurry, Skyrim VR is a good example how TAA totally destroys the game so i always play it without TAA, bit the shimmering and jaggies are terrible without AA. Even using PiTool 1.75…


Yep. Even with everything on Epic, it just doesn’t look right. Not realistic at all… :frowning:


Yes, as mentioned in the video, both Parallell projection and the Mask option were disabled during the tests. No gains here. I guess the game is just not optimized yet. Even main menu had 24-30fps on default :slight_smile:

Also the trees had a very strange “broken 3d” effect. Like the left eye view of the trees did not match the right eye view giving u a bit strange look of the trees overall.


Well, there is a big variary of post processing effects and you’ll never know exactly what they meant with that: it can be motion blur, hdr, vignette, lense flares and so on and so on (basically all these effects you could notice in the warthunder launcher from the right, which you disabled completely). These settings can be demanding and they dont always look good even on your monitor, therefore they are not meant to be used in VR at all (you can try, but i wouldnt) as it could make picture unnatural and weird, especially in sim games.


My biggest problem with the old Asseto Corsa were the menus, extremely slow and ugly on my 4k screen, after I jump on the Race Track I forget about all that, but still. I guess it’s really early stage and needs many improvements before Competizione is ready for the VR/non VR Sim Racers.


Copy-paste from my YT comment:

I have this now added to the engine.ini located at C:\Users\your-PC\AppData\Local\AC2\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor


I haven’t tried to optimize those values yet but it already significantly reduces the blur from TAA I still use on the high setting (and 130 resolution scale). It reintroduces a bit of aliasing/shimmering compared to TAA high without those commands, but the blur reduction is worth the compromise in my opinion.

Complete list of UE4 commands here: https://digilander.libero.it/ZioYuri78/
Then filter on “renderer” commands at the top menu.

If anyone is used to those commands from other UE4 games and know which ones are the most useful in VR please share :slight_smile:



Just in case you are still not bored with testing flightsims, here is a new toy you may want to have a look at:




Awesome, thank you so much! Will try it after the weekend :slight_smile:

Yep, been looking forward to try this. Probably also after the weekend, thanks for the reminder!

Btw just finally finished editing my X-Plane 11 VR video. Was supposed to bring it to you today, but it has taken almost 4 days to make it and editing was so slow on the laptop at work last 2 days… I will publish it tomorrow daytime instead! :kissing_heart:


Someone shared this larger parameter list to add to engine.ini (I haven’t tried yet):



Lovely, big thanks :heart: @neelrocker


Hi Marcin. …slightly off topic but I was wondering could you produce a list of the best piplay and steam ss values to be used with each game. This would save us alot of time tinkering. Keep up the good work :v: