SweViver Name Change



Definition of @SweViver
Swe - short for Sweden
Viver - a person who uses a vive

Long gone are the days where he used a Vive. Clearly he is now living the Pimax life. As such, a change is in order :wink:.

The only question is what his new name should be :thinking:

  • SweViver - no need to change a classic
  • SwePimaxer - a touch of nostalgia
  • SweedeePi - truly, a man among men
  • Other - comment below

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EDIT: Can’t change the poll anymore, so here are some more options:

  • SweVR - built to stand the test of time
  • No name - when you want to watch the world burn

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SweVRer thats my type if he need change…


That would be pronounced “SweVRR”? What about SweVR then?


Great minds think alike, I was just adding that option when you commented.


How about SweFover ?:slight_smile:


Or SweMaxFoVR…? :smiley:


SweHiResMaxFover then… :slight_smile:


add a “2000” and we’re there, man… :wink:


How about 2080Ti? (20 characters)


it will be absolote soon…


obsolete or absolute? :smile:


polisz szminglisz trudna jezyk :slight_smile:


outdated :slight_smile: 20 char…