SweViver: Pimax 8K X Specifications Revealed - Everything you NEED to know!



Like sj said, it wouldnt be native but if the panels were the right size with the same conncetor, ditching the (arguably) faux 4k panels might make the current 8k the headset it should have always been.
This could possibly be a realistic option.
I cant see this being offered though as i think pimax would care more about new money coming in from an 8kx instead of dropping the new panels in the current 8k to improve it.


By the way, I have another idea :wink:

Perhaps Pimax will update the current 8K with the help of new panels (8K X), and then they will suggest that we make an exchange on some conditions?

That is, the exchange will not be at 8K X, but at 8K (with panels from 8K X). It would be generally wonderful :beers: :sunglasses::+1:

Well here it is already clear that no one really wants to buy the current 8K because of its panels, when there is a similar 5K +, which can even be better for less money.

Therefore, Pimax needs an updated 8K, to justify its cost, otherwise 8K may soon cease to exist due to lack of demand (possibly).

I don’t even remember when 8K was on the shelves in the Pimax store.
And on Amazon it was not presented, unlike 5K + and 5K XR


Sounds great! If the review turns good I will get one to add on to the 5k+


@Century yes i strongly belive that the 8k hmd should be updated with these new panels regardless of what is happening with the 8kx.


By the way, yes :beers: Now I myself come to the conclusion that this is the most realistic option for 8K and its happy journey in this world.

And we do not need to replace 8K by 8K X, we just need an updated 8K with a full 4K RGB pixel range…
And in this case, I do not see big obstacles on the part of the Pimax for a preferential exchange for an updated 8K for all owners, since 8K with old panels will be discontinued.


Referring to:

When X becomes available, we’ll provide more benefits for both the 5K+ and 8K backers.

I wonder that benefits are…? Hopefully a trade in programm…


Since you guys make lenses in house, have the bosses experimented with Aspherical lenses?


These lenses have a large surface area. A factor is how long it takes on a per unit basis to fab. Improvements to the lenses are certainly in the works but the fab time has to fall within a particular envelope or you dramatically limit the number of headsets you can produce.


I just meant generally if its been tried in a prototype sense, not yet to scale. I was just curious if the guys in the lab had actually tested aspherical lenses.

Sure, you would lose some FOV, but since the current lens design is only giving you about 120 horizontal at full clarity, on the normal FOV option, it might be worth testing.


The Samsung “anti sde film” is added to the panel manufacturing process & currently not available outside of samsung products at last post from samsung.

There are Anti SDE dispersion filters offered I believe a user posted from 3m & tec3?


We’ve tested countless numbers of lenses. We can proto highly advanced designs but some of those are extremely slow to produce. The cost for lenses is mostly fab time. There is also application of coatings, sealants and the gasket.


Slow to produce and expensive, I get it. I just figure if any company is going to get us better quality lenses faster, it’s going to be Pimax. China has the infrastructure to scale up.

There’s a guy on Reddit who wants to see your lens geometry and fab his own lol. Lots of passion out there to help you guys.

Also, I’ve tried to send you guys a resume but the email did not send.


Agreed still too early days to have all details ironed out. I hope your VRTO presentation went well. Maybe if you have some time to give us some highlights. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


If that were true the current 8k wouldn’t be sold out. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Meanwhile, in the real world, we are still without stations, without controls, without…


@Cdaked If you really need base stations that bad right away, I would just go buy some Vive base stations off of eBay, and then when your actual stations come, you will have a full room scale with near-zero chance of drift.


v1 and v2 wont work together…


I’ve already paid for some.


The main core benefit to eventually grab v1 LHes is a wider accessory compatability.

Atm most v1 LHes & accessories are too pricey. V1 is good for perm setups &/or smaller enviroments.

(Current costs are why I am waiting)


Pimax seems to be working the best they can by way of iteration with what the supply chain has made available to them at any given time.

Controllers and base stations are something that pimax has to work out with valve. It’s probably going to take a while. So, if you paid in the Kickstarter for those components, it sucks, but since it is licensed technology, they surely have to iron out some stuff first.