SweViver: Pimax 8K X Specifications Revealed - Everything you NEED to know!



Sometimes fortune favors the bold

Pimax should try, this is clear to me.


They will try. When the time is right. One step at a time :slight_smile: just imagine the 8KX now. With these 4K RGB stripe panels. Improved utilization. Minimal SDE. And the FOV.
They are already ahead, if u think abiut it.
Xtal is 1440p. StarVR might come out one day and win, but 3200 dollars is not reasonable for the majority of people no matter how good it is. For 3200 dollars you get a beast PC including a 27 monitor. Try to convince buying a headset for 3200, that also requires that beast PC.

Its not about who can make the best headset. Its who can make it great and still affordable. Otherwise we would all drive a Ferrari by now, right? :slight_smile:


I must admit that no matter how much VR enthusiasts I want to be, I would not be able to afford to buy a 3200 dollar StarVR today. Even if I wish I could.


Of course they plan on improving pp optimization as they already have.

At one point in testing the conclusion at one point was that a 980ti could not run a pimax wide fov headset. At that time it was true. Now a wider variety of lesser GPUs including Nvidia 970 & Amd R9 390 gpus have proven they can run one with reasonable results. Where at one time was a complete fail.


@Sweviver what’s happening with the cable length on the 8KX? I heard the reverb had to limit its cable length because of resolution to 3-4m.

Along with @Fabrizio 's request, could you please ask Robin if there is a possibility of exploring plastic aspheric, and blending together 4 rendered displays like StarVR style rendering display for 8K X Special Edition if it could notably reduce distortions and is the better experience.

Poll: Plastic aspheric lenses for the 8KX (or 8KX 2020 Special Edition); and 5K/8K RE with 8KX lenses and 1080p input for better upscaling

I’d rather Pimax work on StarVR’s approach, there’s no point in going aspheric because the current rendering and lens design is a dead-end road. If Pimax splits the monoscopic 145 FOV into 2 rotated views (still on a single screen) and then blends the views together with a shader, which is now hardware supported on the Turing 20-series GPUs, then they can get a nearly full FOV with a lens that accommodates no more than 80 degrees horizontal and 120 vertical. The lower horizontal FOV avoids the linear projection issue where the periphery is horribly stretched with wasted pixels, necessitating displays with a 16:9 ratio instead of the ideal monoscopic 5:4 ratio as seen in StarVR. By eliminating that stretching and reducing the screen ratio any aspheric design would be much simpler, so going aspheric now would be wasted effort.

(Still 2 screens, just 4 rendered displays fused together to eliminate distortion )


I just wanted to jump in with a note that most everyone seemed to miss: IT CAN BE WIRELESS. This is great.

It would be nice to know if it will be a reinforced package & what the cost to my keep current 5k+ headset.


A 5K+ model could he sold with all the 8KX improvements in design besides the screen, and StarVR style rendering to eliminate distortion could work on wireless easily if the 8KX does not, or an upscaked 8K but from 1080p as it should be.


And they will when the time is right.

Already we have much to look forward to. From 2 cables to 1 & from pentile like displays to RGB.

Sometimes we should be applaud what accomplished instead of demanding more.

On the plus I think we might see improved ipd adjustment as per the extreme mod detailed on reddit.


Woah what? I have missed this detail apparently :slight_smile: Is the Reverb cable less than 4 meters? For my small space even 5 meters is too short :confused:
I have no clue about cable lenght on the 8KX but I haven’t heard about any plans for a shorter cable than before.


@Sweviver one last thing, will pimax consider implementing a StarVR type blended display rendering profile in brainwarp 2.0 to elimate distortion? if not a plastic aspheric lenses in a 2020 special edition of the 8KX after the 2019 release of the 8KX?


The considerations Eckhardt uses in that chart are completely different and do not scale to the VR industry. Samsung famously spent massively on the Gear lenses and had to build orders of magnitude more than were used.


@Pimaxusa what about this solution to eliminate distortion instead if Pimax decides not to do aspheric lenses? Could it be implemented in brainwarp 2.0? Or would there need to be a cantered lens design to make it work?


I have no idea to be honest. I think eye tracking can do wonders for the distortion correction, once its available. I would guess we will see that earlier than any plastic aspherical lenses…


I think that there’s a fair bit of mislabeling out there. People confuse the two.

I agree; it seems like I need to position the headset to within half a mm. When it’s centered properly, the view is amazing, but I have to shift my headset back into place from time to time.


So what will win to market? Hand tracking, wireless and eye tracking or 8kX? haha

I still can’t believe they literally have the hand tracking modules as we tried them at backer meetups a very long time ago and yet they can’t have them produced and sold to us but I don’t want to hijack this thread so I’ll let it go!


There is write up on Reverb cable length limits due to dp 1.3. I’m sure you can extend it but may have mixed results depending on cables.


Those cable length restrictions are nonsense in my 15 years of IT experience! Typically you find a good quality extension cable and you can add a reasonable length to it (probably add 10 meters to it since reverb is short out of the box).


A quality extension can help a lot. Sometimes.
But I must say even my 200+ Euro Supra HDMI 2.0 5m cable had issues with extending the original Samsung Odyssey. Then at the same I use a 10 or 15 bucks DisplayPort extension 5 meter cable from Ebay for my Pimax headsets and it just works without any issuea at all since September last year. Its so weird…

For my old Rift extension i had to use a an active HDMI hub + that expensive Supra cable to make it work :slight_smile:


I’m sure your right but HP will play it safe on length to avoid customers upset if longer cable doesn’t perform as expected.


After reading the last 150 or so posts here, the only thing I learned is that in Quig’s world, someone else (and that is the key!) can start a company delivering us each a full scale holodeck for $99.

I’m not trying to slam you Quig, it just seems like you are asking for things that just are not technically possible yet. Also the price levels that Pimax is trying to hit tend to be a reach for most people. Doubling the price that you are comfortable with is just not the real world in which most of live.