SweViver: Pimax 8K X Specifications Revealed - Everything you NEED to know!



you have understood,
to put new lenses in 2020 as a mod inside Pimax 8K X to make a special edition is a great marketing operation

otherwise you and me (It’s night here) have lose time

Eye tracking , fov rendering etc are other things coming to both (Headsets) when they are ready


Lets stay in 2019 for today and enjoy whats coming! :wink:

Gotta get some sleep. Up in 5 hours again to try help solving tickets hehe… :wink: cheers all!


@Sweviver, Why not look into blending two 5:4 display slices per eye in Pitool to reduce distortion further, instead of stretching 5:4 images into 16:9 display? (Which gives the peripheral distortion effect)


Having brought the Eckhardt link in this discussion just to illustrate that it’s not so easy to develop good optic I found you comment interesting, do you mean that VR optic has special needs that don’t scale well (like high diopter power, magnification of a large spreeded focal plan, higher % usage of the lens surface than conventional camera, rectangular lens) or something else?

Personally I will miss OLED panels more the a new lens set :wink: Maybe in one year this wish will be more affordable and available then an complete overhaul of the lens system


So simple when it’s done, makes me remember of a common marketing problem : a technician repair a board in 500$ consumer product by changing a 1 cents 1K SMD resistor and charge 100$ to the client. Learning this the client is infuriated and tell himself that he will never go to this shop again.

The complete story is that the tech took 2 hours to find this dam faulty part.


You need matching lenses, going the StarVR route is not a software fix, with current HMDs there is one linear projection with a large PPD gradient (stretching) that follows exactly how the eye sees the planar display, no lens correction needed. But with StarVR there are 2 linear projections each with their own (much smaller) PPD gradients that blended together no longer map to how the eye sees the one planar display, the canted lenses must compensate for this and essentially map back the 2 smaller PPD gradients to a single larger one, the benefit of this being an even PPD across the FOV and the ability to use a 5:4 display that approximates the monoscopic FOV ratio.


So you mean angled aspheric lenses or cantered fresnel lenses are required, is that right?


yes, the lenses could be designed without a cant but I bet that would more easily introduce distortion, as those lenses would have to be significantly larger to achieve the same FOV


Hey Sweviver. You make a good point about the big companies making mistakes. With all the time and investement put into the Quest Oculus managed to completely fu*k up the ergonomics! Where is the rage about that? :slight_smile: As a solutions provider I am experiencing that first hand. It’s crazy

Pimax are doing pretty well for ther size. If they can just put out a premium UHD device with wide FOV I think they will do pretty well. So happy to hear your on the team!


For some of you Pimax will never do anything right, I assume most of you aren’t on HTC/Valve/Oculus boards demanding these ridiculous optics solutions take precedent over everything else in their pipelines? Pimax still has kickstarter promises they have yet to fulfill and those take precedence over these new custom 8kx+ reloaded special edition custom headsets that some here seem to think are “so easy” to produce. I mean how many models does Pimax have now, 7? We don’t need anymore until kickstarter backers have all been fulfilled. I’m curious on why this discussion is happening now when I don’t seem to recall such a discussion in the past 1.5 years and now this forum is getting spammed with it.


True, Pimax should first take care of all their current commitments first. Secondly, for most people, Fresnel lenses must be acceptable for VR (since that’s what most HMDs use).


I agree … Pimax are small and trying to do what they can.
Go give these ridiculous demands to HTC, Valve, Oculus, HP instead!
It feels like trolling at this point.


is it just me or does the XR look astonishing


regarding #5 Pimax baby on installment


Hello Sweviver !
I’m happy with this Pimax 8K X news for 2019!:+1:t2::+1:t2::fr:
I have a 5k+ that was delivered after a long month of waiting (4 months / February 2019) Will Pimax finally solve its stock problems and finally deliveries faster for this 8K X ??
Merci for all Swiviver:wink:


currently Pimax has an egde over other VR helmet whatever their numbers are because it is the only one to offer wide FOV.
The problem : VR is an ecosystem that must be complete to work and Pimax is still missing the essential parts (base stations and trackers being the most obvious).
from that point of view Pimax is behind. If you are purchasing a Pimax helmet , you can barely use it.
If you are a newbie contemplating the purchase of such system you will turn to the one who has the more complete offer AVAILABLE (currently Vives and Oculus)
Pimax must solve that very quickly.
The shame being that Pimax has no work to do for most items being late.
Base station and trackers already exists and are not produced by Pimax, same for hand tracking module and wireless module.
So again, for naive observator, the Pimax ability to deliver is at best questionable and we know that purchase decision is sensible to every fine details.


Yes, the deliveries are not going to be a problem as Pimax already now ships orders quickly. Stocks are refilled on regular basis. Also Amazon in US, Asia and EU will provide very fast deliverys.


Oculus farmed out their ergonomics to Lenovo and fired the guy that wanted a genuine rift 2. Facebook has made mistakes that will cost them to recover.

They are like intel buying up all the creative IP, not utilizing any of it, and then being swept away by a storm of innovation a la AMD Ryzen.


maybe because correction is GPU-intensive. Oculus Go has an energy-saving mode, when enabled the aberrations increase in an unacceptable way


Why are people so worried about lenses? Maybe I’m lucky to have suitable eyes, but lenses are the best thing Pimax has done. I wouldn’t change anything about these lenses

Progress is made in small steps, saying and doing are two very different things and I’ll be happy with any progress that comes this year- No other VR company innovates at Pimax speed