SweViver: Pimax 8K X Specifications Revealed - Everything you NEED to know!



Thanks Pimax for deciding to use a Full RGB pixel matrix which i really love in the 5k+.
Couldn’t be happier to read about the other decisions too, like to use only one cable, increase the panel utilization etc etc. I am looking forward in hope it will come soon.

So far i couldn’t wish for more.


From the looks of things the reselling of the 8K is a bit of a dud right now. Hopefully some sort of upgrade or discount could be applied for 8K owners but this is a goodwill gesture more than anything.



That’s really dissapointing to see on ebay.
With the 8kx specs released every backer would have choosen 8kx, i hope that @PimaxVR can make a good deal for us backers in the future.


Well, if Pimax would have waited yet, having inserted full-fledged RGB 4K panels into 8K, then 8K owners would almost indifferently consider the release of 8K X :beers:

(This confirms to us the example of the Pimax 4K, which, despite the native 2560x1440 resolution (and at the beginning was 1920x1080) with interpolation up to 4K, shows excellent clarity and SDE, it corresponds exactly to 4K RGB panels and has always been a cut above all other headsets in this plan, despite all its flaws)


Yeah they managed exelent clarity and sde on the 4k with an upscaler, maybe it will be possible to only upgrade the panels an the 8k? I hope pimax will look into that


Yes, I hope Pimax will be able to implement at least some support for its backers in this regard.

I have a few suggestions:

  • updating panels to 8K X (with sending them our 8K with a surcharge)
  • update of the current 8K mode up to 4K RGB panels (replacement of our 8K with “8K New” with a surcharge)
  • replacing 8K with 8K X with surcharge
  • Discount for 8K X

I think that it will be possible to find a mutually beneficial solution if the Pimax only wants it :beers: :sunglasses::+1:


Or they can do absolutely nothing because you got your headset and they owe you nothing. Here’s £20 off coupon for 8KX.



i don’t like to be negative :slightly_smiling_face:


not only 8K users should benefit you forget the most ppl who downgraded to 5k+ :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, and then it begins…


Yes, it is their right.They can do as they please.

But they are improving, at least I see them as such.
Customer orientation should be in any successful company.
And then customers will stay with the company forever :+1:

  • This is like working for the future in the first place.
  • and not for free in the second (we are ready to make the necessary surcharge)
  • and thirdly for their own backers who believe in the company and support
  • well, in the fourth I would also note the elimination of erroneous screens that should not be in 8K.

I hope that Pimax will find a solution. Now we also have @SweViver in a team that is trying to help us all for the good of the company and customers :beers: :+1:


Yes, I agree that some 5K + backers have forcedly switched to it when all the comparisons came out and it became clear that 8K is not much better in terms of SDE, but even worse in terms of clarity.

And here we have a slightly more subtle point, because 5K + supporters received some compensation.

But nevertheless, I believe that those supporters of 5K + who switched to 5K+ (from 8K) forcedly should also have some mutually beneficial options listed above (just with a slightly higher surcharge) :beers:


You got less SDE and we got 100$


Yes i think every backer should have a deal, because we all would have choosen this if we knew the specs regardless of the choice for 5k+ or 8k. At the time people were holding back of the 8kx because of the impossibility to drive it with a single current gen gpu


True it’s unfortunate that better panels were not available sooner.


One user already mentioned he plans on looking into swapping 5k+ panels with rgb oled panels when able to buy as bridge chip is agnostic.

Truth just need to wait & see what the future brings be it pimax direct or diy enthusiast.


We need to move back into the past for half a year and tell Pimax that in the summer of 2019 there will definitely be good panels! :wink:

I’ll go get a time machine…


No the 8kX was limited to a run of 400 units due to at the time technology was not ready to drive it properly. It was a safer bet to limit KS to 400 on the possibility gpus & tech would hold it back. Of which seems to be coming along nicely with being able to run on single cable vs needing 2.


Well that’s what i’m saying more or less, but although it was a limited edition wich i know, we all had the chance while it was open to choose it if we knew the right specs back then.
I hope my english is oke, you understand it the right way


Yeah I totally agree. I think many of us would have chosen the 8K X instead of having to ‘compromise’ on either the 5K+ or 8K, had we known it would be viable as a current gen unit…