SweViver: Pimax 8K X Specifications Revealed - Everything you NEED to know!



But I’m OK with that if Pimax offer a 16K X by next year, and on a full production run :wink:


If Pimax did not make 8KX panels to move along the lenses, how much portion of the panels will not be available?

I am worried about that because without panels move along the lenses, no full panel utilization can be achieved, and there must be pretty big redesign that causes price rise.


Some compensation ? A $100 coupon you can’t use ?

For now, 8K>5K+ switchers are people who have paid their 5K+ $100 more…

The $100 for switching to 5K+ should have been refunded. By making it a $100 coupon Pimax just managed to BLOCK your (our) own money so you can only, eventually, spend it on one of their accessories, one day, maybe, and by sending them more of your money.


How much money do you think I can lose by reselling a 5K+ with a housing cracked at every corner and a left eye panel affected by scanlines / horizontal lines ?



I really expect the exact same optical setup as the 8k and 5k+, even though that intuits incompatible with some of the claims from the announcement that kicked off this thread. If so: Panel utilisation in the same ballpark as those two, and zero redesign work. (EDIT: …save the new electronics, mounting bracket, and parameters, of course…)


Although not exciting the make perfect sense if they want to deliver this 8kx this year.


I didn’t receive anything for downgrading…those coupons don’t exist…


Makes me feel like they should have never done the 8k, just the 5k+, reduced the price of it and spent all that wasted time and money and effort on R&D for the 8kX and we could have just waited, I mean have the 5k+ for a year and then sell it for the 8kX if we can even find buyers for them on ebay? I would have rather waited as we waited so long for delivery anyway. If they dropped the 8k as soon as they found out it didn’t do any better than the 5k+ for more money they could have possibly had some of the other things they had promised out by now!


Many people thinks the 8K is better than 5K+ so it’s not a real argument here…


It doesn’t matter what they think if from a business perspective, the public opinion is 50/50 on the headsets being better than the other, yet the 5k+ is cheaper to produce and less expensive to the consumer to purchase you get greater adoption. I’ve tried both, they are for all purposes equal, but the 5k+ costs less. The better business play here would have been to drop the 8K and just put all that extra efforts into everything else going on including the 8k-X. Two headsets created too much confusion anyway, they could have potentially made the 5k+ better too if the single cable tech for 8K without upscaler wasn’t there yet then it was too early to market and potentially caused them to release two lesser products. It just sucks that by the time we actually got our headsets and after that expensive world tour took place to allow backers to try each headset and decide, we will all be trading up for the 8kX…don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for the 8kX but from a business perspective the products are close together in release only a year apart to ask for us to upgrade and have a headset we can’t necessarily sell on ebay if everybody only wants the 8kX at that point.


Your mean dropping the 8K after the KS and fulfillment? The 8K is no real effort now and before the KS fulfillment they simply couldn’t morally do this to people waiting for the 8K

Sure now they could drop it but this would not give that much advantage now. It will be drop when the 8K-x is out


They definitely could have dropped it once in house they found they were too similar and the 5k+ was cheaper, but no not now. They should have apologized, offered the 5k+ only headset and some good perks to make up for it. Instead they kept their promise and delivered and HMD which was no better for more $. It’s more moral to be honest and not take their money and say here is something just as good and here is a big discount off the 8K-x in the future. I’m not talking about dropping it now as it would indeed do no good, I am talking about as soon as they discovered in-house the 5k+ vs 8k which they probably tested months before we even knew about it.


I think many people will disagree with this position, I have the 5K+ and still wondering if I made the right choice.


You definitely made the right choice, either one is basically the same in one way or another, I have tried both extensively. Either one would be the right choice, you just saved some money.


The 5k as said was a community suggestion. 8kX was the original plan for the 8k until it was determined the tech wasn’t available to deliver native 4k/eye. Upscaling was used in the p4k & due to community request pimax committed to 8kX as a result to strive for the original grail.


Too many SKU’s, makes you lose focus and quality, pick a lane and go all in on that product whether that be 5k+ or 8K from the get go.


Agreed each individual would need extensive time with each. My preference is well known & why. I find the 5k+ too blocky looking. But maintain if you only received 1 or never had a p4k than either headset is a treat.


Exactly, they are both the right choice for the consumer. But I still maintain the right choice wasn’t necessarily made by Pimax in terms of development focus. The two products being so close to each other created a fiasco and is not ideal for consumers, costly due to the education required.


In that case we would have only had the original plan 8k with no 5k+ to compare it to. Avoiding the whole 5k+ vs 8k debate. So maybe not a bad path if they hadn’t listened to us. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


If their choice was to not do the 5k+ and only focused on making a better 8K than I would have supported that decision as well. It’s just better business practice and doesn’t confuse the consumer as much. Just sucks that all 5k+ and 8K will be paperweights for many here in a year as I know most of us will be going for the 8kX as you get in on pimax if you are an enthusiast in the first place. I know enthusiasts typically pay that price anyway though.