SweViver: Pimax 8K X Specifications Revealed - Everything you NEED to know!



Yes, just a(nother) move intended to control the crowd.

Just another chewing bone thrown to try to bury the discussions/requests about the KS accessories we are still waiting for.

And judging by the number of answers in this thread (including mine, if you want), this strategy works well…

But then, will the first native 4K HMD still be a 3DOF HMD like the 5K+ and 8K ?

Also what is the next Pimax move ? After delaying the lighthouse taking for excuse the controllers were too close, are we going to see another forced lighthouse delay “because the 8KX will also be close of the controllers release, so why not delay the LH again” ?

As for the specs I’m not impressed at all by the 75Hz refresh (or even 80Hz if they really manage to do it).

With the 5K+ we already accept to trade black level for clarity/less SDE and this is already a heavy compromise (for everyone who likes dark games, can be horror games but not only that, also night races in simracing, of night flights in flightsims, and many other non-horror games with dark levels).

But now for even more clarity / less SDE we should also compromise on refresh rate, and for me this is too much compromise for a high-end (price-wise) HMD.

I’m not willing to pay 1K+ for a 75/80Hz HMD. 90Hz is a minimum at that price, and I’m sad to see so many people accepting to compromise on this refresh rate limit.

Sure 75/80Hz will remain playable and even not incomfortable. I do use my 5K+ at 72Hz when I don’t have the ressources to handle a steady 90fps BUT it has a noticeable hit in playability when we are talking about any competitive gaming.

For exemple I recently trained at 90Hz (with steady 90fps) for a multiplayer race (assetto corsa), then the day of the race I had to go down to 72Hz due to the heavy load with the 30 cars on track, and I was about 1sec slower and wasn’t even able to keep the car on track without spinning after having no issue at all after 200+ training laps.

Even though I have not doubled checked yet to confirm my theory I really suspect the lower refresh rate for being responsible of this much harder car handling (resulting in much slower laptimes too). I already felt numerous times during training that 72Hz was making the driving significantly harder than 90Hz, and have heard the same for other fast paced games like eleven table tennis (I have it but not tried yet since I got the 5K+) or even beat saber.

That’s why I won’t consider a 8KX if it doesn’t have a 90Hz mode. I would then stay with my 5K+. I could even be tempted to sell it to get the 120/144Hz from the index. Because for competitive gaming, refresh rate really matters. I’m just not decided yet because of the smaller FOV that is still uncertain (110?-120?-130?), to then be able to weight if that tradeoff on the FOV is worth the refresh rate gain, as I don’t play “only” competitve games and the 150/170 FOV from the 5K+ is nice too while still keeping a good compromise on the refresh rate with the 90Hz mode).


Nah we call that player 2. :smirk:

There are still enthusiasts that still use their oculus dk2 even with having newer models.


How can someone use the dk2 after seeing the new headsets? yuck! and not to mention justify the extra space and crap laying around to the wife? Those are probably the people that throw things away because they don’t like listing things on ebay or assume they won’t get enough for it on ebay so it will collect dust or be used once a year haha In tech some gotta learn the art of upgrading while you can still sell the old item on ebay for a decent amount.


Well at least Xtal is off the table then as well. Isn’t it 70hz? At $5kish?


I was refering to with at the time cv1 & og vive release. We even had or have some dk2 users here during the pimax kickstarter.

In Toronto the Woodbine mall still has a oculus dk2 motion platform experience setup.


That would have made more sense if you had said that in the previous post!

dk2, yuck! wow, time to let go Woodbine mall! :slight_smile:


Well there still making money on it lol.

And 2bh dk2 does look kinda like og vive. :smirk:

But agreed by now more than paid for itself & an upgrade many times over.


Wish we could do motion platform, I hope pimax will get around to fixing the motion compensation issues soon! Maybe one reason some motion simulator arcades can’t adopt pimax in the business environment yet unless the motion is all pre-scripted.


When the 5K+ was revealed I made the bet the 8K will be abandonned sooner or later, just because it made sense to concentrate on a single product when the 2 are so close (in term of image quality).

I expected the 8K would be kept just for fulfilling the KS pledges but then no more produced (for the release to market).

But I was also considering the best move would have been to ask the backers if the 8K should be abandonned as soon as they discovered the 5K+ internally.

In the end I think most of us have opted for the 5K+ (doing the math of the 5K converted to 5K+ and the 8K switching to 5K+ versus those who stayed with the 8K).

If Pimax had asked us what to do at the time the potential of the 5K+ was discovered internally (before even showing it to the public), explaining us how the 5K+ was performing well for cheaper than the 8K and how it would benefit to everyone that they could focus on this 5K+, then I think a vast majority of the backers would have given their green flag to drop the 8K (with some remaining unpleased 8K believers).

I wonder why they haven’t done that (at least tried), if this is because Robin prefers the 8K, or maybe because Pimax engineers refused to admit the upscaler path was a bad idea (at least with this scaler, and this panel).


While I don’t know myself. One of the issues might be related to sensor layout nor being the same as vive.

But yeah hopefully it get’s sorted soon. Those with trackers I wonder if you could for now. Turn off headset LH tracking & use a puck on the headset? (I know not ideal or prefered but might work as a temp workaround)


Doesn’t the tracker/puck need to be tracked by the lighthouses though?


Lighthouse yes. But tracking pucks can be used without a headset with a dongle.


Oh I never knew what that usb dongle was that came with my vive tracker! So that USB dongle gives it some kind of wireless ability for the computer to receive telemetry from the internal gyro in the puck or something? I’m guess that it still wouldn’t be able to do lean forward or back though, just basic axis like any headsets with the LH turned off? We need peripheral passthrough in pitool so the telemetry is unmodified and steam vr could just handle the new knuckles as well for example! Maybe when it goes open source, my this problem is causing me to worry about knuckles not working after any steam vr updates at any time and my motion rig that should be coming soon not working.


Like Microsoft’s decision to not bring VR to XB1 after creating the most powerful gaming console to date. Not likely to know.

As for backers we do have many that prefer the 8k over the 5k+ and that being said. The same truth is that the many 5k+ holders might have prefered the 8k if they had had time to experience both hands on. But that is another thing now that can only be speculated on.


I don’t know on imus in the pucks. But tge dongle acts as the wireless bridge without headset. From what I read before if your using wands each puck(?) Should use a dongle to transmit data due to bandwidth.

There are 4 example 2 dongles built into the headset from my understanding

The pimax headset with LH off still uses imus.


“Many” is still a (clear) minority.

For how many who would have switched to the 5K+ if they could try both ?

I’m sure if Pimax had made the differences clear as soon as the 5K+ existed in their labs, and told backers how the process (like entering into mass production, and making the other accessories) would speed up if they could focus on the 5K+ only, a large majority would have agreed (with a minority of 8K believers remaining disappointed the 8K would have been dropped).


Not among those whom have both. Only minority is due to those whom switched due to not being able to test both themselves. And yes there were folks really unhappy with the 5k+ after choosing.

So the real demographic is those who have both or tried hands on. So cannot know how those who made choice by reading would have chosen if xp both - FACT

Disagree as some who switchef bought 8k pledges an sold the 5k+.


FACT is most of (if not all) the reviews and interviews from people who attented to a meetup and tried both prefered the 5K+ in (a significant) majority (and this is most probably why the majority who could not test both also decided to switch to the 5K+ too).


Nope neither can be proven now save for all backers to have the opportunity to try both. Even Voodoode chose 8k & continues to do so over the 5k+.


Voodoo is 1 person. I’m talking about dozens and dozens of ITW from people of attented to the many meetups (I have watched almost all of those ITW to help me make my decision). The majority prefered the 5K+ and this can be proven (no, I won’t do it).