SweViver: Pimax 8K X Specifications Revealed - Everything you NEED to know!



If the lenses could magnify a little less, to where you get 140 horizontal degrees, and more panel utilization from that, it would be awesome.

It’s driving me crazy that we have companies like Varjo solely focused on resolution, and star VR solely focused on fov, when the technology exists to give a damn good balance of both, that would satisfy the nitpicky in all of us


Or if they just had the normal FOV only, 150 FOV and matched the lenses and panels to be optimal for that, it would mean less magnification as well.


Well interestingly enough might be possible via a lens holder printable changing focal & pitch of current lens. At least if some of this comes perhaps with Opensourcing…


I was thinking they could do this with the plastic that protects the screen and internals.


Don’t follow you here these lens are fix focal? You’re speaking of making another set of lens?


A user already used a spacer to remove his need for glasses. So moving the lens further away/altering angle will change the given magnification due to distance but will require i believe adjusting the distortion profile if you change angles.


You lose FOV as well by doing this but make SDE and pixel density appear greater so there is always a tradeoff I suppose, I wonder if set on 170 fov, you can do thicker foam piece so that it makes effectively 150 fov, then you’d still get reasonably wide and yet better apparent SDE and pixel density?


If you used 4:3 screens, each centered behind its lens for equal FOV up-down, and left-right, respectively; Made the lens and screen move together, so that you always use the entire width and height of the screens; Tuned the optics for 120° vertical FOV, using the full height of the screen; And used the same 2x10° cant as current units, you should wind up with something like 153° total FOV, and 113° stereo overlap (133° horizontal per eye), before taking lens distortion into account… (EDIT: …also not checking whether the screens would clip one another, with that particular setup. :P)


For what it’s worth 8k vs 5k.
I get that people at meetups preferred the 5k. While Pimax is not known as a brand of HMDs easy to use anyway, the 5k is less demanding and “picky” to settings than 8k. So comparing the results in a smaller time window is tricky.

As having tested the 5k and owning an 8k I can truly say I like the 8k more.

Using an OD+ as well I’m very spoiled with SDE blacks and colors. That is a “Once you’ve seen you can’t go back” for me. Or at least far less compromises. Look, besides the FOV and expandability Pimax is an HMD of compromises (which is cool) so I very much feel that AFTER SOME HOURS OF GAME TWEAKING I get a better result with the 8k with more balanced compromises.

But in general, Pimax need to step up their game for the 8kX to really shine. Or it’s just gonna be a more expensive HMD with more gimmicks but the same stepbacks in many terms like the other products. Only “hiding” behind having the biggest FOV (which is really awesome and I like it) won’t be a well-asked product if they do not improve panels, panel utilization, lenses. And CLPL sounded like some sort of special panel but compared to other even LCD they seem really inferior.

Having witnessed as a KS backer how long everything took to get it done at least somehow, I very much doubt that the 8kX will be a game changer worth more money. So I’m not on the hype train.
I also totally get that certain lens designs are just not possible to produce for that price range and I don’t blame anyone for that.

But I’m sure that the prototype lenses that eg. voodoo etc. tried and reported on, which kinda really pushed the KS campaign, were lenses maybe not refined but of better quality. So most would have concluded that they are of the same quality of the final product which felt misleading, but again, I get that this is not possible for the money.


Most often read arguments for NOT buying a pimax (from people looking for a “nextgen” HMD):

1°) Incomplete product (no lighthouse, no controllers)
2°) Poor build quality (cracking plastics, panel issues, poor headstrap, hmd looks like a prototype unit, etc.)
3°) Too many adjustments to make the games work (no game profils, double SS setting, games not working with large fov, games requiring PP, etc.)

Because of this those people are now looking toward (or already buying) the index and the reverb.


If Pimax can’t make miracles soon, sadly I’m one of them.


Yes, now a lot of people will be waiting for the 8K-X to see if they should get it or the Index or the Reverb.

The scary thing is … imagine …

Right now Pimax are saying 8K-X is coming “soon”. Then 2 months later they will say again “soon”. Then 2 months later we will see some Youtuber reviews and they will say it is a groundbreaking device and Pimax says it is going into production and preorders are open. Then it is November 2019 and they say they are 90% sure that all 8K-X preorders will be shipped by Christmas. Then Christmas passes and maybe 10 people received their 8K-X, but you are not one of them. Then in January 2020 they say they will get all 8K-X preorders delivered within end of month. Then it is February 2020 and some people received theirs but you haven’t received yours yet and they say they have run into issues with the panel quality and have a panel shortage. And since now it is Chinese New Year, production and shipping will resume afterwards.

In March 2020 Valve announces Index 2 with 150 degree FOV and high resolution panels with new never seen before immersion improving features.

In April 2020 you finally receive your 8K-X … at the same time Valve Index 2 hands-on previews come out declaring it the best VR HMD ever.


Thats why they call us “futurists”


the only thing, the production lines are fully working, they don’t have the start up hurdles from the past, so there is a chance it will be sooner :slight_smile:


Let’s be serious - there’s no chance of Valve refreshing the Index anytime soon. It will probably take them a year before they start shipping to Canada, and that’s only 100 miles from their HQ.


2 years maybe… although they could push up resolution in “plus version” and keep up the same form factor. No one will go large FOV 130+ in the consumer market for now.

and don’t forget valve in not the biggest player

Google and Apple are on the side lines waiting, Apple is rumor to have a 8K per eyes headset my bet is on them to give a really polish product but closely tied to their ecosystem and incompatible with steam VR :wink:


Apple has a lot of work to do to convince gamers that they have a good product. When was the last time someone played a game on a Mac? Sure people play games on mobile more than anything, but I’m not sure that is relevant.

AR pervs are going to want a virtual sex doll on their sofa, not sure Apple will be down for that either.


Haha real life waifus


Good one :joy::joy: made be laugh big time, love sarcasm if it’s creative


Honestly I’m sure that the future won’t rely on certain OS for gaming. I am a NVIDIA beta programm user and the streaming is impressive. Considering that some ppl change their GPU like smart phones every two years those services are not bad considering the costs. I also checked two other services, even better than NVIDIA’s, and I was stoked that the latency was remarkably low. Tried heavy games on a chepo tablet, worked like a charme. So even if ppl like MACOS, which may or may not have certain advantages (most due to platform restrictions like Final Cut, Logic ect)or…Linux… Gaming won’t be a deciding factor in the next years for sure. If ppl use already render farms on daily basis (for professional use at least), game streaming with todays and tomorrows high and capable bandwith is just a matter of a year or so.