SweViver: Pimax 8K X Specifications Revealed - Everything you NEED to know!



normal FOV -150- would probably be sufficient for most people in the VR world as it would mean increased clarity, less distortion, lighter lenses/headset and less requirement for huge amount of pixels to be sharp that are hard on the hardware.


If it doesn’t have glare/god rays, like Valve Index, it will be a winner in VR market


I wonder if/when Google brings something to the table…


Wonder whether a higher refresh rate like index or higher resolution like reverb makes for a better overall experience.
I suppose it depends on use case


An 40FT DisplayPort Active Fiber Optic Cable with 32Gbps starts at $296.17 https://ebay.us/I1IPEB


Ive noticed that if my eyes are watery I get fogging. its annoying,


For me the reverb was hot and uncomfortable and lacked vertical FOV especially. Im sticking with Pimax. Im on board for whatever they come up with. AS for headstrap the Vive DAS mod makes my 5k+ a joy to wear.


Any further news on the 8KX? I remember a @Sweviver video from a few months ago saying things were progessing…


was there a preorder for the 8kx?


As an 8K-X backer, I wish they would also allow two cable connections in addition to the one cable option. I’d like to run both 4K panels native resolution at 90 Hz or above.


where is sweviver by the way?


Coming very sooooon…


It might not be the bandwidth itself holding them back from 90hz. RGB stripe 90hz 4k displays in that size might be uncommon.


Pimax time, an advanced version of Valve time.


No official news yet but announcements will come soon, and not only about 8KX :slight_smile: Wish I could tell you more at this point. But this fall is exciting.

Coming back soon as well :stuck_out_tongue: But hey Im here at least!


@SweViver I will sign the NDAs brother, I must know the secrets of tbe 8K-X