SweViver: RTX 2080 Ti vs GTX 1080 Ti on Pimax 5K+ VR Game Benchmarks


Must press these VR software development companies to:

  1. Use the latest version of Unreal and Unity
  2. Make use of VRWorks
  3. Think about implementing DLSS and VRS

I mean look at Sweviver’s portion of the review on The Lab. It was high res and butter smooth almost no matter what changes he made. It shows that software updates can make a dramatic difference. I remember on the Vive when the titles in the lab had all sorts of issues with ghosting, framerate, crashing etc… Now it’s a beautiful thing.

Since the Pimax is so much closer to the original VR dream I’m sure we all have, it finally makes sense for VR developers to “showcase” their titles with this device to really show was VR can be like.


Indeed like Ethan Carter which still seems to be unplayable on the new headsets.


Yeah well said.

I’d hence be very interested in other games.

Yes ok it won’t run every game beautifully (and it seems like SV was hoping it would?), but I’d be willing to bet that there are a whole host of games (perhaps around 50% of games) that do one of the following with the 2080Ti:

unplayable --> playable
poor quality --> fair quality graphics
fair quality --> good quality graphics
random stutters --> smooth experience
normal FOV --> able to use large FOV (this is yet to be tested but eg I’m sure Skyrim may well be an example)

It’s these sorts of quantum leaps that make me think yeah this may be worth it.

I do realise though that I’m probably performing some sort of mental gymnastics to justify me spending a lot of money to buy the best GPU so I know I may be wrong… but I really do feel that if you have the money it may be worth it.


It absolutley may for those that do not mind the pricetag at all, after all…it is faster.
But the advantages are very limited. All tests so far have shown that the RTX series only shows “noticable” improvements at very high resolutions which gives a little edge in VR-gaming .
I have no issues running any 2D game at 4k 75Hz on my 1080ti.
So as long games do not look more beautiful by actually using raytracing (which very likely will be a slow progress since i guess the RTX will not be a mass market product, even less than the 1080ti) it is not even that interesting for 2D users.


It comes down it’s not worth it at the current pricepoint. Maybe on sale and/or price drop.

Otherwise might as well save the extra 5k & buy the $7000 Nvidia card with Hbm2.

Maybe Linus can demo using it on the 5k & 8k


it sucks the 2080ti hasn’t done the extra jump i was hoping but ill be stupidly upgrading in quite a few months when hopefully the price gets hit or decide to join back into the gpu market. the jump will be more noticable for me as ill be coming from a 1080 :open_mouth:


I must say the fps jump is not bad, and if you really need the best fps possible with Pimax then yes of course RTX 2080Ti is the only way to go here.

But my main point was if its really worth to upgrade from a 1080Ti, and in my opinion, having the price in mind, i really dont think so. At least not right now. All this may improve with drivers, the new anti aliasing, better game support and vrworks, but right now it feels like a minor jump for a very high price.

I will of course keep the 2080Ti though. And with the upcoming 9900K i hope sims can run better. I guess we just need to accept that being an early adopter reaching for best possible performance, will never be a cheap story :slight_smile:


Maybe the new Steam VR beta’s new motion funcion will work on the pimax, @SweViver could you check this please!
Maybe now it will perform good with even less graphics cards!


I have been busy all day with my father visiting and now laundry hehe… but I will test everything tonight and work on the next video :slight_smile:


Just keep in mind there will be folks selling tgere 1080 ti used just to have a new card. Sure these headsets are heavy beasts.

StarVR gave us that hint with their first release & then there pending release has decreased Resolution… And as for Graphics cards there still mainly toting good for 4k & were pushing higher rates in demanding games.

There is also the issues with Gpu tech needing a new direction to be able to acheive more. PCI-X v4.0 is somewhere over the horizon.


Too bad Laundry Simulator VR isn’t a thing. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles::joy::joy:


So the current stumbling block / bottleneck for the advancement of VR is not the screens, but still the GPU it seems. AMD, and Invidia, better get it in gear, as they are holding up the whole industry, with their overpriced cards that still don’t cut it.

So the only hope for sims is brain warp? I assume Pimax must complete this before retail launch, or it will be a disaster?


Thanks SweViver, you really are fantastic and we appreciate you very much.

I’m going to change what I said earlier and suggest this is a worthwhile upgrade if anyone can afford it.

You answered a question I was going to ask you - namely, would you keep it? Yes you would. So that says it all really. Yes it may not be worth the extra, but really is anything in VR “worth” it? The powerful PC, the expensive VR system, the games, the dedicated roomspace? Overall that’s costing several thousand $$$$s so when you see it like that to spend a little more to get the absolute best experience is probably worth it.

Going through your excellent video again this is what I’ve noted down from the things you said:

Arizona Sunshine: 1080Ti even on Pi1.0 cant’ really play it. 2080Ti… can play now. Summary: can’t play —> can play

Onward: 1080Ti: great in 1.0 and 1.25, down to about 70fps in 1.5 2080Ti: same really but get more FPS in Pi1.5 Summary: probably smoother experience at Pi1.5 (I suspect if going large FOV it would be playable at 1.25 but unplayable on the 1080Ti at any Pi setting. But that’s just a guess)

Contagion: 1080Ti : really only playable at Pi1.0 at full FPS, can do 1.25 but lower FPS. 2080Ti: everything bumped up so 1.25 is fine and now 1.5 is playable. Summary: can go from Pi1.25 to 1.5 now

Skyrim: 1080Ti: only has 90fps at Pi1.0 and even then you say it seems like it’s struggling despite the numbers 2080Ti: even at Pi at 1.25 it’s “butter smooth” and even at 1.5 still very good Summary: 1080Ti struggles even on lowest setting… 2080Ti buttery smooth even at high quality settings.

FO4VR: 1080Ti “not playable” at all 2080Ti: “can enjoy”. FPS from 50s to 60s, now is doable Summary: unplayable --> playable

Forest: 1080Ti: forget it 2080Ti: Pi1.0 FPS 60s… “kind of playable” Summary: unplayable --> playable

Serious Sam 3: 1080Ti Pi 1.0 ok. higehr settings “playable but not enjoyable”. 2080Ti Pi1.0-1.5: GREAT 67% FPS increase! Summary: massive increase. from playable at low settings to great at highest settings

Seeking Dawn: 1080Ti: crap 2080Ti: not great but FPS 60s, … doable Summary: unplayable --> playable

Hellblade: 1080Ti: basically shit 2080Ti: Pi1.0 FPS76-90, pretty good. Pi1.25 FPS 60ish, playable and “looks good”… playable Summary: shit --> playable at a level that looks good

Superhot: 1080Ti: Great! but dips at higher Pi settings. 2080Ti: “RUNS LIKE A DREAM” Summary: good --> dreamlike

Ok so numbers may not seem great but when you analyse the above you see the effect in real life…



40% games: unplayable --> playable
30% games: shit --> ok/good
20% games: good --> amazing
10% games: not much difference

In other words… significant noticeable improvement in 90% of games.

Not the sort of improvement where you go “wow this card is a beast I can play anything at any level now!” but in pragmatic terms the sort of increase where there is a material significant quantum leap in experience in 90% of games.

For that reason alone it’s possibly worth it if you can afford it.

Bear in mind also:

  • drivers will be optimised to give even better improvements
  • clearly some games if written properly can gain massively from the 2080Ti for some reason (i.e. Serious Sam’s 67% increase!)… so look out for games where you’ll notice a much better increase, even without DLSS (I’m assuming SS3 has no DLSS).
    -debatable but I strongly believe with 9900K / Zen 2 some of these games will do even better and the benefits will be clearer with 2080Ti
    basically… things can only get better.

Right… sorry for the rant but if you look at this way it may well be worth it. And again, I know I’m just trying to convince myself to get a new toy… but I might have succeeded haha.


Check the Faq topics pimax has been testing BW with other refresh rates.

P4k works decent with simulators @ only 60hz.


I hope we see some usage of the features the card has - I don’t see it as a pure power to FPS card, so the potential will only be unlocked when the greens APIs like VRWorks and such are used.
And in 30years I sadly have to admit that normally the second gen to new Cards is the one that brings more of the potential to the screen (3080ti) . But damn I still want a new one and I fear if the red don’t do any magic NVIDIA will take its time to iterate …


Very well said sir, thank you. BTW it’s for that same reason that I’m not going for the Nvidia FE, which is available to buy right now but for the MSI. I really want to squeeze out those few extra fps.


Your whole analysis is excellent, thank you so much for taking your time doing it mate. I think everyone in here should read it and consider these facts. I wish I could have put it together that nice as a summary at the end of the video :slight_smile:

Thank you!


This video confirmed for me, my decision to keep the 1080ti and wait for next gen GPUs.

Edit: I just don’t think the cost benefit works for me.


It’s willingness of VR developers to optimize their titles. There are lots of titles that have both high resolution and high frame rate. Lots of tools to achieve this but if those are not taken advantage of then it’s on the developers. A lot of dev’s aren’t even doing the simpler stuff such as releasing their title updated with the latest version of Unity and Unreal - which makes a good difference if they would just do it.

I mean does anyone really think Bethesda really optimized Fallout 4 VR for instance?


Wow, this post made me go from:

“Meh, I will go with the 1080 ti for a while”

“Fuck it, 2080 ti lets go!”

in like 30 seconds.

Great post, will still have to think about it.