SweViver: RTX 2080 Ti vs GTX 1080 Ti on Pimax 5K+ VR Game Benchmarks


Yeah but what happens when she take the headset off he he .


I have been building an awesome house in the Forest vr but I don’t think she would like the neighbors :blush:


Same here, I will absolutely not spend 1800$ CAN on a GPU, difference in most bench vs 1080 TI is negligible.
The only affordable options are:

Used GTX 1080TI or a new RTX 2080


You have to wonder though, with the 2080 being only 8 Gbs and the 1080 TI being 11 GBs memory if the difference won’t be negligible between the two.


I was lucky with a 1080ti seahawk ek x bought for 560 Euro used. It can be overclocked to 2100/6210Mhz without going into the power limit. Since only a few will probably overclock their new 2080ti because of the price, the distance melts additionally.


Wow. To get such a glowing endorsement by someone as awesome as you hugely flatters me.

Thank you very much, very nice of you SweViver.


For now in a single 4K display setup benchmark seems to indicated equivalent performance, further up the road who knows… if you don’t do 4K gaming a 1080 TI is a better choice. I took a second look to Sweviver video on memory usage it’s average about 5/6gb and top at 9.1gb in some games

The cheapest and safe choice would be to get the cheapest used 1080 TI now and sold it on the next NIVDIA cycle. This would finance for free 50% of your new RTX 3080TI in 2020 :wink:

No happy camper for money caution buyer here : choose between the 5K+ or the 8K and choose between the 1080 TI and the 2080


I have pretty much fixed my build as of now. I am going all in to build AMD machine this time. I was building Intel rigs for past 20 years (my last two PCs were even with Intel mobos and run like champs for 8 and 12 years), so this was a tough decision, but I feel like I cannot take the bullshit from Intel anymore.

For the GPU I am trying geting either 1080 Ti with a good price, and if not, I will buy RTX 2080 new as the pricing between the two new does not differ much. I cannot justify paying for 2080 Ti, even that I have the money.


Just remember we are comparing a GPU to a third of a GPU. Hellblade and acc will be ones that @SweViver will need to retest in future when dlss and ray tracing are enabled.


@sweviver What kind of results are you getting with Hellblade when using the small FOV? How does the image quality compare to Rift and Vive? Sure it defeats the point of wide fov headset, but if we can crank up the visuals to max using this low fov with the 2080ti then I’m game.


I have a Ryzen 5 in my current setup but I still wonder if it was the best choice for VR. Like NVIDIA, INTEL is putting a markup fee on their CPU but the lasted offering offer great performances for a price…

For example the Ryzen 7 2700X is 429$CAN (4.2ghz boost 8 cores) vs Intel Core i9-9900K 669$CAN (5 Ghz boost 8 cores)

interesting reading:


You will not regret your choice when amd releases their zen 2 next year as it again uses the am4 socket. Hopefully early in april again. As that will be on the 7nm, there is a chance it will kick intel down the throne, or atleast close the gap.


Thanks, Yes just reading about that. I bought a ASRock X370 Taichi last year providing room for upgrade


Yea, just write down to upgrade the bios first, as it needs to be updated to support ryzen 2000 series. Good chance that it will require yet another bios update for zen 2. So don’t forget that :slight_smile: !


With this review of the 2080 TI performances and my headset coming in December I think I will wait for better omens at a cheaper prices


Waaaaiiiit a minute - I thought that with the 1080Ti the 5K+ would have a number of games playable at a degree we would really enjoy, even if it is not perfect. Save for Hellblad, The Forest and FO4, that list was going to be okay without requiring a further boost in GPU power ? Especially on Skyrim I remember how you three beta brothers told us that it was a joy and so beautiful ? If @sk1 then summarizes Skyrim to be like "1080Ti struggles even on lowest setting… " I am mildly confused (not the user; rather state of mind) …


Ok so don’t take my analysis too seriously. You really have to watch SweViver’s video. He is FAR more indepth and reliable than I will ever be.

But just to clarify Skyrim was in my “shit --> ok/good” category.

When I say Skyrim “struggles even on lowest setting” I’m paraphrasing.

What SV actually says is it “starts to struggle already at PiTools 1.0” even though the FPS indicator is showing 90 fps mostly, so basically he must be picking up glitches etc. To me that’s quite “shit”. But it’s also ok. Because bear in mind he also is running this at “high” preset and “maximum ingame supersampling” because this is how he’s testing games, which I fully agree with. He wants to give us values based on an experience we’ll be happy with i.e. normal FOV and in the case of Skyrim max ingame settings. But sure you can just turn that down only a little I imagine and it won’t “start to struggle” at 1.0. So when I say “struggles on the lowest setting” I’m talking about PiTools 1.0 setting not the ingame settings.

Basically these tests are run in a rigid way, so “lowest settings” for SV and for me are basically just PiTools 1.0 but where the game looks good and are not to be confused with what you would call lowest settings, which would be lowest supersampling in -game too.

Hope that clarifies.

And don’t worry - I get the impression he has purposely tried mostly the tougher games and games like Skyrim at highest SS to really strain the cards to give us a meaningful difference. A lot of peopel doing the testing have done crappy settings where you go from an averag of 85 to an average of 90 which is useless because FPS is capped at 90(1). He’s trying to really strain things with high settings and difficult games to really show us a meaningful difference.

But 1080Ti will be great for most games including Skyrim I’m sure.


That was a good post… thank you for taking the time to explain your position! It makes a lot more sense to me.


Will you be benching any flight and driving sims?


I used max in game settings this time including max supersampling which has a big impact on framerate in Skyrim but makes it much better looking.
Note that MRTV Sebastian used no in-game SS at all in his Skyrim video.

Yep exactly! :slight_smile:

I need to add though, something i didnt mention in the video as im not 100% sure, but it feels like drivers 416.** gives slightly lower fps in general on 1080Ti compared to my previous 399.07 drivers. Is that another proof Nvidia is gimping the 10 series now?