SweViver: RTX 2080 Ti vs GTX 1080 Ti on Pimax 5K+ VR Game Benchmarks


I have been waiting for that “Nvidia crusher” from AMD to arrive since the Radeon 7970/7990 days… :slight_smile: is it 10 years now maybe? Same for CPUs.

I keep getting amazed about the level of hype AMD manages to create, of a product they haven’t even shown up yet.

Nvidia may have cheated us with Turing this time, but I wont believe in anything from AMD again - until I see it :slight_smile:


Yes many :slight_smile:


I have to agree with you on the slow down. I had done some benching from the 389 to 416 drivers and noted this slowdown. Unfortunately the new smoothing process by SteamVr requires drivers from 414 and above to work. So the question is for those of us with a 1080ti, is it worth it to upgrade to the newest drivers for the smoothing process while taking a hit on the framerates, if it makes a big difference in VR, or stay with older drivers but sacrifice the smoothing process altogether.


As long as smoothing doesnt work with Pimax, then its not worth it… but if you use Vive then Im sure the smoothing (and new drivers) gives a huge boost!


@SweViver what’s the chance of getting a benchmark video like this where you instead tweak the setting, like shadows and such, to where the resolution and picture look great compared to the full ultra settings you had with this current video? That would be great to know fully if these games are “worth” the RTX2080ti where they weren’t before being ultra settings.


Sounds like an idea, thanks! But it will most likely be about a few selected games only. There will be many benchmarks coming, cheers man!


Thanks SweViver, if Carlsberg did reviewers then…:+1:


AMD really have a chance this time, nvidia could hardly be more complacent. If amd deliver on their promise of 7nm gpus this year they could really kill it. Even if its just 2080ti performance at a much lower cost


Do you think Pimax will try and get smoothing to work or will they keep trying to develop their own solution.


Keep in mind Nvidia is apparently one of the first to receive Amd GPU cards. I think we will see something in 2019 perhaps at ces 2019


Sweviver maybe create a Closed Topic with the graphs that the user made of your tests.


My guess is it will be attempted to be a part of BW as they have describe it as being a variety or things.


@SweViver war dust has just been released on early access ,looks really interesting 32 vs 32 battlefield style ,would be great to get a review how it plays with the pimax if you got time ,all the best G


@SweViver yea i hope this works on the pimax.I was an alpha tester off wardust and its a lot of fun!!
Like to know how it feels with a big field off view!


One thing ive seen that looks like it may get tricky maybe you know how it works ?
so you can be running around and then flying a plane ?
i can only imagine having a chair handy somwhere in the corner of your play area


Here’s a non-VR specific roundup of multiple 1080 Vs 2080 benchmarks, which is pretty good


I think for me, going from regular 1080 to a 2080 Ti, will be a major upgrade.
Some benchmarks even suggest a doubling of performance.
I’ll order one in november.


Likewise, even with the information at hand, I’ll be going 1080 > 2080ti

It’s still a good jump, even if expensive


Great analysis. It is the reason I went for a 2080 TI too.
20 to 30% are not massive at all but they can mean the world in VR.
Having 80 FPS = reprojection - 90 = butterly smooth.

Is it worth it? Yes if you can be crazy enough to pay the stupid price they ask for it.

I would never ever advise anyone to buy a 2080 TI for a non VR gaming PC at this point though.


I certainly am crazy enough. Aren’t we all a bit VR crazy? :smiley:

Also, there’s the added bonus of having worked crazy hours of overtime in october… so far 70 hours overtime in october alone. So, yeah with that I’ll afford the 2080 Ti easily. :smiley: