SweViver: RTX 2080 Ti vs GTX 1080 Ti on Pimax 5K+ VR Game Benchmarks


Like you, I see these expenses in “overtime” as a unit of measurement.

2080ti is 4 more OT shifts! I’d better get started


Yes, but I expect that you can get that 30% gain also by lowering details/resolution a bit (for 1080Ti). So the difference is not so much “not playable -> playable” but more like playable with a bit better graphics detail.

There might be few cases where lowering down would be impossible and/or make it to suddenly look unacceptable but those should be exceptions.


Well said . … … … … … …


In Thoemse’s example perhaps, yes, but that’s more a good–>amazing example rather than an unplayable–>playable example. You are mixing up categories there :slight_smile: So in that case if you need to drop graphics you’re no longer in the “amazing” category anyway. Whatever way you you look at it either reprojection or inferior quality means no longer amazing. So 2080Ti can deliver the amazing (IE both with no compromises) whereas 1080Ti can’t: it has to sacrifice one of them. The improvement is thus valid and meaningful.

Unplayable–>playable however is a completely different example. These games are already running at barely acceptable graphics anyway almost by definition, so there’s no further acceptable reduction really in quality to make them playable.

The situation you’re talking about though does exist and I list that as 10% of the games SweViver tested (eg basically Onward) where yeah there’s improvement in FPS or quality (whatever you prefer) but it doesn’t make a quantum jump from one category to another. It’s akin to what you may see in pancake experiences. There will of course be other games like this but Thoemse’s point (by saying he’d only recommend it for VR) and my point is thus basically that VR is probably the rare example where requirements are so high that every last FPS and every last bit of quality counts such that even the mere 20-30% increase actually makes a material difference in practice. By the very nature of it being the cutting edge and being on the limit of current capability, the Pimax benefits from the slight advantage of the 2080Ti more than probably any other application. A positive example of the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” :grinning:


As a VR enthusiast who has a fair amount of play time in VR, I do everything I can to squeeze just a single frame more out of any game I play. I overclock, I kill processes, tweak, code and anything else that can help keep a stable 90, or near to it. Im also a middle aged man with no dependents, and a full time career, so for me 1080 > 2080ti really is a given.

But as said in an above post - if I was just a desktop gamer… maybe not so much.