SweViver's status



yesssss my mannn, glad you’re back. And hope you’re doing better


Vanished again… :frowning:


True. @SweViver hasn’t even been updating his Patreon page. I assume he’s busy helping Pimax with their upcoming Sept 16th announcement. I hope that he’s spending a lot of time testing the new 8KX prototype. He promised a video on that, but I assume it’s all under an embargo until the official announcement.


He hasn’t been online since 9 days thats unusual… I hope everything is ok…


Probably business trip to China :slight_smile:


Things are OK. I was a bit worried too. @SweViver posted an update on Patreon.

I can’t say much (he asked us not to) and he’s had some more troubles, but we’ll be hearing a lot from him soon, as part of the Pimax announcements. He will be in Florida USA for the festivities and has promised to make a bunch of videos in the coming months (and not just on Pimax).