Swords with trackpads/thumbsticks?



So, I’m looking to preorder Sword controllers - if I want full finger tracking as on Index - do I get trackpad version or thumbstick version? I thought thumbstick version will have all finger tracking, but according to the images in pimax store only trackpad version has it? They all seem quite outdated.


@PimaxUSA would probably be the right one to ask.

Pretty sure the Sword Sense are the ones with finger tracking AND thumbsticks and Sword are the ones without finger tracking and with thumbpads instead, but since it’s Pimax that might all change before release… :+1::wink:


Any news? @PimaxUSA?
I’ve made a preorder for sense ones, and am waiting for shipping.


I cant recall a single peep being said about the controllers since back in May and i half expect the company to keel over dead from hmd variation exhaustion before they ever get around to delivering any controllers.


I really wish they ship them soon. I’ve got my pc fully ready but still have to play with my oculus since I don’t have pimax hands or vive hands available.


I too still play certain games on Rift just because of Touch. If the design holds true from May:

then I will be awaiting Sense as I cannot abide Touchpads (I have Vive controllers) in very many games. Even HTC is abandoning touchpads for thumbsticks in it’s next controllers.
I would like to play, for example, In Death and NMS on my Pimax, but the Touch controllers afford much better agility and are just so much more productive.
In my opinion the touchpad is less capable than sticks in the majority of controller based VR games. This is not to say there aren’t exceptions where pads have specifically been considered in the control scheme, but I think most prefer the accuracy of movement and such better served by thumbsticks in most games. Sense version has both.
Hope we hear more this week.