Taxes suddenly added in cart for Europe?




So 2 days ago, I added a 5k+ to my cart with a -50$ voucher but didn’t complete my order. Final price was 650$.

Today I’m coming back for the -15% thinking I would order. With my voucher, the final price should’ve been 545$, but now there is a 109$ Taxes which wasn’t there 2 days ago. The price is now back at 650$.

Anyone know why there is a sudden “Taxes” column appearing, as it should be sent from an EU Warehouse ?


Hmm thats strange! Check the website now.
The headsets are on summer sale for 629, adding my $50 code, my total is $579.10 without any taxes.
Where do you live?


I’m in France and indeed, it changed back to no taxes. Strange :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Guess it bugged for a day or two ^^