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When I measure my face foam, it is around 11.5 mm. (not sure because ever though that it is 13 mm., but when measurement again, it is around 12 mm.)

11.5 mm

  • I can see more distortion at the edge, but when familiar with headset and test in fruit ninja, not much distract when use the headset around a week.

When I try 14 mm vr cover result is.

  • less distortion
  • fov is decrease too.
  • look more blurry when wearing the first time and have to increase more ipd for better focus.
  • more nose room and then I can see more image by opposite lens easier.
  • When I use 11.5 mm, the image is little blurry at the edge, but I still can see the image in the headset. When I use this thickness, I can see the outer edge of the lens instead if I try to look at the edge (not image in the game).
  • The most important is wrong distortion at the center, when I turn my head, the center will has more wrong geomatric distortion easier (with pimax face foam, it will happned at the edge only). Maybe this the reason why someone talk about this issue. Distance between eye to lens effect to dostortion (like google cardboard with wrong profile)

So the face foam thickness is very important while we can’t move in and move out the lens.

@Dallas.Hao tag for useful info.

I am suspect that how the headset will support all user without changing the face foam every time, that is very inconvenience.

Explain more about center distortion, it look like image at the center is rotated around y axis. If you turn right, image rotate against clockwise, if you turn left, image rotate clockwise. The horizontal scale is compressed.

credit : Thank you @glassy99 to give vr cover for the test.

Please read more test here.

The "moving world" issue, now i finally understand it!
My first reviews and my test of 5k+ (bubbleball)
My first reviews and my test of 5k+ (bubbleball)
Why did some backers find that the FOV seems to be not as big as before?

If the distortions, blurriness, eyelashes touching lens, glasses cant fit, and any other issues arise from the VR headset being susceptible to different thicknesses of foam, then Pimax NEEDS to include 3 or 4 different thickness of pads in order for users to avoid all these above issues and WITHOUT having to buy the foam seperate or order it seperate from Pimax.

What if the user orders 11mm pad and actually needed 12mm, or order 12mm and need 13mm etc etc, without being able to try different thicknesses how is the customer going to know which thickness is going to best for them. Thats why all 3 or 4 pads need to be included in the box.

Preorder customers will already have to purchase controllers, base stations, headphones. Then on top of that have to deal with buggy software, USB issues, all the things most no other VR HMD has to endure. Then they must find call Pimax to order a different thickness foam pad.

And on top of it all, the customer might not even know about that the fixes for all thiers issues can be avoided by updating their foam pad, so they might not even realize that the foam pad will fix some of their issues, so another reason that multiple pads should be included. Thank you for listening and facilitating this @Dallas.Hao .


No center distortion when try 6 mm, my wife tell that it is clearer for her because she wear glasses (short-sighted).

Problem is the head strap is loose (as I review, the velcro is too short), maybe better if use deluxe audio strap, but can see sde easily for a little bit too.

I think around 10 mm. is better for me.


FYI - The name for this issue is “pupil swim”, which is “the way an image distorts as you look at different parts of the lens”, but this is actually the same as “the way an image distorts as you turn your head in VR” IF you are focusing at one part of the VR scene, because your eyes will automatically and unconsciously turn to compensate for your neck movement, as they are “locked” looking at a specific feature."

Source: https://forums.oculusvr.com/community/discussion/51630/what-is-pupil-swim

This is “something that can only be fully fixed with real time pupil distortion correction through eye tracking.”

Source: Distortion Correction using eye tracking


More test

6-8 mm. vr cover (not sure).

  • Too much edge distortion when turn around
  • There is some light bleed at the center of top because some hole, if place the pad with more curve to solve this issue, the pad is not wide enough for the left and right and have wrong shape.

11.5 mm pimax

  1. “fit” , the edge distortion still can see easily when you turn around.
  2. “loose”, the edge distortion not distract, only some blurry at the edge and better feeling (I think this is best for me).

May I misunderstand tha I am familiar with the distortion, in fact it is up to the tight of the head band. Some people thought that the new firmware make less distortion, who know may it is about this factor.

14 mm vr cover.

  • More feeling of wearing a goggles because the thickness of pad around eye. But when I wearing more fit, I think this can help you about distortion so much (but I think it is too much fit and not comfortable for me), there is still some effect like looking into fish eye lenses when turn head around (circle movement).

But if you balance between the distortion at center and distortion at the edge, I think you can play game by the same feeling of playing vive with bigger fov.

Sometimes I still can see center distortion, but it don’t distract me if I am playing some game which I turn around very fast (such as Serious Sam the last hope).

Other benefit, pimax strap is too much loose for my kid (have to add more longer velcro), so thicker pad make more fit for my kid.

Unfortunately, the last firmware has some issue about 3 parts distortion issue and it always distract, so I still can’t make the absolutely conclusion.

If I have to use thicker face pad to decrease the edge distortion while getting the smaller fov, why we not use the small fov mode?

Answer : There is some different between both, when you use the small fov mode, you can get benefit of setting super sampling higher, but you will see some grey edge at the both side (it will be better if this is black color), but feel more comfortable and less feeling of wearing a goggles than using thicker face pad. So it is about what do you prefer.

This is about balancing of center distortion and edge distortion.
I think the 13 mm, may be better for me because I don’t have to adjust the band of strap.

DAS and face pad elasticity may be factor to help because easily adjustment of tightening.


@Dallas.Hao I add more cushion on the kickstarter, when you will ship it? I think I have to choose the different size, but if you have a plan to give more to other backer, so I can change to head strap instead.

Please paste a paper to show the size of cushion too, I still not sure that I am using 11.5 mm. or 13 mm.


Distortion testing

Use the loose band and turn around. After that, try to press the headset to your face and turn around.You will notice the different.


I totally agree! If you are wearing glasses (like me), you will get an unusable helmet if you dont have the right cushion…we need to receive all of them (option to get them all) ! I have no problem with the pimax 4K and my glasses, but i can see that the cushion of pimax 5K+ is much thinner.


I only recieved the 11.5 mm cover, and it is too thin for me.
I think I will need the 13 or 15 mm face foams to remove edge distortion.
Don´t really understand why Pimax didn´t send the 3 foams to all backers.


I have pledged for 2 additional face cushions, I hope they manage to include them somehow and send them with the HMD.
But I do not know if they’re going to be 3x times the same size or if they add 3 different sizes which would be preferable in order to find the best fitting one.

I do not actually see why people think they should be for free. I mean if VR Cover charges 20-30 bucks (better quality though) 5 bucks per piece is/was a fair deal during the campaign. Even with the Vive that comes as the ONLY device with multiple covers I had to try some 3rd party ones to find the best fitting one.

So having different sizes right from the start would save a lot of try and error on Amazon :slight_smile: When the best individual mm is determined you can still choose a 3rd party facepad but with a better headstart in mind.

Probably they should somehow provide a possiblity to re-pledge (come on, its just 10 bucks for 2 cushions) on their page and include them either with the rest of the remaining backers and/or send it with the remaining stuff as soon ist ready.
But this is just a quick idea to compromise on that. Only problem will be those that have only pledged for the HMD and already received it.
@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu