Tested: HTC Vive Pro Hands-On Demo and Impressions!



I’m still torn on this. The ergonomics look really nice and the build quality super high but man … still SDE, still godray’s and still small FoV… That’s just a huge party pooper. Then again, if Pimax doesn’t deliver quality then this might still be the best 2018 HMD.

Really hoping Pimax will get it right but I don’t have too much faith anymore. Their timeline just doesn’t make any sense. Still, I’m hoping for that miracle …


I agree with you for sure…vive could have really put pimax in precarious position if they had pushed improvements farther then this…


Maybe they already have but i guess we ll all know in few months…


Being vive owner since beginning was hoping for a bit more from them to push the vr tech farther along…


Thankfully, it’s not a Kickstarter. Can you imagine the outcry because of information not disclosed and the things like sde and ghosting that still exist? And dam those Tested guys for not liking every little thing about it. What the hell, not delivery date or price. Old style wands? wtf? I’m won’t support these inconsiderate bastards and that means they will go out of business, of course. hehe


Don’t forget they used tge original vive freshnel lens… No new improved lenses… Wtf lol


Yeah, that and the fov is a bummer. If HTC had upped the fov to at least, say 160-180 and put the new Valve lenses in there. Pimax would’ve been in trouble…
Still getting the Pro though, bro. :sunglasses:

edit: Got me curious. Seems the Valve lenses are able to do 85-120 degrees. Well eff Valve then! :joy:


I am glad I got the old htc vive. Same FOV, resolution is drivable by my gtx 1070 laptop, they have extra USB ports for VivenChill for sweaty head me and the wireless module does not need a pci card, which makes it compatible with my laptop. Absolutely no reason to get a vive pro.


I was on the fence untill they concluded the god rays were even worse due to the extra contrast and pixels. What a Fu*# up :wink:


Yeah I’m pretty sure this headset is just another disappointment. I don’t think I’ll buy it. Godray’s alone, man, that’s something we shouldn’t be experiencing anymore in 2018!


Exactly, See Oculus’s lens prototyping capability @ 1:10

Hope they have something in the works


Yes, that is fo sho a fu*# up… Not bad enough, though! Shut up and take my money. YOLO! :joy:


Wow! And that’s just how I imagine Pimax’s optical lab! :wink:


I believe that HTC was never actually really involved in the design (or research) and all the tech and design were developed by Valve. HTC just manufactured the headset according to the spec. So they simply upped the parts that were easy to replace (display panels, headstrap), without touching anything that would break the design (lenses, FOV).

If we really want progress in the tech, we should expect it from either Valve or Oculus, who put significant work into research and testing.

The ad for Oculus research, posted by @Davobkk, seems to be the only way to go as the era of the handmade headsets with lenses duck-taped to the displays is long gone, and I am sure only few companies have enough funding to go this route.

The only chance for Pimax is to produce smart product, to get the market and eventually secure the funding for some proper research.


Beside being all outsiders to the design, production and marketing process, their is many things we don’t know. For example maybe when HTC designed the Vive Pro the new lenses from Valve were not available for the production time line of VIVE Pro. Maybe Valve price was to high for the benefits

Maybe for the OLED panels only Samsung were able to meet price, yield , availability. and beside HTC was already working with Samsung.


Curious to see what LG brings to the table in 2018 with the UltraGear. I would be perfectly satisfied with something midway between Pimax’s potential 200° FOV and Vive Pro’s 110° FOV.


Oh, cool, I’ve never really looked that up. I knew Valve is behind that beautiful room scale tech but I thought HTC was behind the hmd. Thanks.


For those wondering of the usages of the dual camera, AR is not one of them…


Did you see this article

Be careful to go to oculus employment page and take a look at the jobs offering. to stay competitive Htc will have to merge with another entity at some point

Vr research : oculus