Tested: HTC Vive Pro Hands-On Demo and Impressions!


Being Pimax and HTC more advanced now, they will have to do something.


Keep in mind Oculus could simply choose to match the competition in the 90 to 110 fov headsets like htc did instead of creating a real change/bump like pimax is endeavoring to do.


Yes but like Intel,Apple, Nvidia they would have something on the shelf’s waiting for the right time not sure the other competitors


At first when I saw this new headset I was a little disappointed Pimax had got beaten to market as it’s impressive and has a good heritage of quality no one can deny. But… from reading the specs and looking at it in a calm frame of mind, the headset is just an evolution and nothing radical or game changing. This is, however, a smart business decision as HTC Vive Pro will attract loyal existing customers who want an upgrade, and at the least, a few VR Virgins - some who are perhaps consumer phobic of Chinese produce - unlike us!

From what I can speculate, things hang in the balance for Pimax for the 8K to become a resounding global VR success (market leader) or simply a contender in the VR Market. It would appear if Pimax reaches the holy grail of the once advertised 90hz (unlikely) then they will potentially beat HTC Vive Pro hands down in delivering the best HMD in 2018 and silence the critics. For a Kickstarter product from a tiny company to do that (compared to HTC Vive Pro) this would be a resounding victory for the ‘little guy’.

If they don’t (likely) they’ll still have an alternative quality product - inferior refresh rate for sure but better immersion than HTC Vive Pro meaning it’s still a viable product, it just won’t sell as many or make Pimax as much profit. Still, my dream is Pimax delay the headset until June 2018 and offer it with a new hardware 90hz solution.

We’ll have to be patient and see what the announcement has to say in the next few weeks about progress and plans in March.


@xunshu when your team get a chance would you be able to get a picture of some of the text in steam vr home like in the video above (through the lens). It would be great to see how the side compares to the Vive pro


No so sure about that. Oculus may be leaving the PC-based high-end VR to others in the market and focus on social stand-alone VR (later AR/MR) HMDs entirely. That still will require extensive efforts into R&D, arguably even more so than PC-based high end VR, because you have to get everything including computing power into your device (or tethered unit fixed at your belt), make it light and comfy to wear, add eye-, face- and hand/body-tracking, and all of that should be affordable too - that’s quite a steep wish list, and you weasily could use another 400 highly qualified hands to achieve that.

We do not know if Oculus will also want to stay in the PC-based race, who knows at this stage.


YAWN! I have a Samsung Odyssey. Same resolution. I can walk anywhere with it (inside out tracking). Until P-Day, why would I need a Vive Pro?


Agree - if you have the Samsung, the Vive Pro offers too little upgrade over it.


Actually. Until I broke it, my Pimax BE and NOLO was just as good as the Vive Pro too. I think the Pimax HMD are the most comfortable so far, better than any others I tried or own.


Pimax 4K have an excellent resolution, but it has ghosting and is not better in brightness, color or refreshment.

Nor can we compare NOLO with Lighthouse 2.0, which is the most accurate tracking.


The pimax be though does not suffer the color & brightness issues (no shudders & oled). However refresh & no built in tracking. It is also Qhd opposed to 4k uhd.

Now a fun fact about qhd 2560*1440 not to grind the corrupted k standard. But qhd follows the k standard that is represented by.


Qhd is 1024x2.5=2560. Which makes qhd the only hd that uses the original k standard & thus the only true res being called 2.5k. :beers::grin::+1::sparkles:


Even so they will develop IP which will make harder to the other competitor to stay upfront in the market.


Speaking of leaving something (Aka PC-based high-end VR games) , when HTC tracker’s where showed last year with the fire hose demo, I was wondering when HTC would try to grab the prosumers market well here is the answer…


If this append to be true and that existing HTC owner aren’t given a decent upgrade offer this will be very deceiving for base HTC customers.


They will need to be very clear that the lighthouse v2 is not backwards compatible or folks will be pissed.


the cameras are suspiciously similar to the vive focus.
i bet it can do inside out tracking.


They are for a very basic hands tracking.


I read a report somewhere that the vive pro cameras (depth sensing) are for near view gesture tracking, can track each individual finger but nothing further out due to the low camera resolution, a resolution which is too low to do room scale accurately. They might be able to aid the chaperone system for objects within a meter or two but not replace it.