Testers and Reviewers be vigilant


Back in March when Pimax announced they were going to allow “testers and reviewers” to have samples of the production sample units, I made a big shout of how dangerous that could be with reviewers. At that point there was no mention of an NDA or mention of a closed beta. It was just review samples.

So I shouted in this post…

I would like to think I helped in some small way with that post because today, we have exactly that but I implore that the reviewers have restraint, adhere to the NDA you signed. Your reputation to respect pre-production agreements is at stake too.


wait did something happen.


Do you want this to be a Vive Pro killer?
Do you want this to be the real version 2 of VR?
I do too.

It is more of a “Watch This Space” post. MRTV (Sebastian) announced a possible livestream with SweViver today to talk about the Pimax as he has many things to discuss!. It is going to be very very hard for them to not let anything slip up on a live broadcast. I mean what can they discuss that has not already been said on their channels? A single frown could be read a hundred ways.

I am just saying be vigilant as a lot is at stake here. Maybe I am being over cautious? Time will tell.


Yes, especially if they are going to do a half hour streaming every day. About?


It is possible that Pimax will bend under pressure to allow them to publicly discuss x,y and z (or a mishap in communication happens) but then that defeats the purpose of a closed beta test.


Yes, totally agree.
If they give information, bad. If they gather people and then do not give them information, also bad.


Those testers are in a realiy tough position. I can see from their vids (especially the latest from MRTV that they are struggling to hold a poker face). From what I see, reading between the lines and their trying to curb their excitement, we are going to be very very happy with M1 :slight_smile:


SweViver is one of the most enthusiastic vloggers I know. His face says as much as his words do. So if somebody asks a NDA question on his stream, he will say “Can’t discuss that!” but then his face will give you the answer anyway lol


I couldn’t disagree more with @Cdaked und @D3Pixel as of recently.

Judging by @SweViver‘s recent tweet the M1 appears to make them smile so it most definitely isn’t a full disaster. Damage to Pimax would happen if a botched prototype were reviewed, not if the youtubers the sent it to (now let that sink in) slowly ramp up the hype.

I do hope they spill as many beans as possible as long as they abide by the NDA. If it turns out that the HMD is pretty much fantastic, Pimax can use the good PR and get this rolled out.


ha ha yea I know, the “problem” with him is he’s been waiting months like the rest of us and that genie in the bottle is busting around the edges to get out ha.


Sebastian conceals it better, but Sweviver’s face leaks to much happiness everywhere; poker is not his game. :sweat_smile:


check out the latest MRTV at exactly 11 minutes in…and Sebastian’s reaction.


Agreed. Its also not respecting the testers whom have not received their headsets doing all these streams about the pimax 8k.

@mixedrealityTV & @SweViver I would reccommend slowing things down & disciss with @xunshu. LiveStreams should come after the closed testing with pimax’s approval & authorization.


No, people will always trust a more serious process, this is getting out of hand.


Getting out of hand ? what is ? I think that is an overreaction to nothing at all in all honesty. Nothing has been reviewed or released that was not already public knowledge


Ups. but… I don’t know if it reflexes something good… or not.


i think you may be underestimating them, they both managed 20-30 min videos where they repeatedly say they will be testing it real good, and i cant say x or y 40 times. I am confident they can team up and do it again. XD

I hope they can or they will have thrown a real spanner in the works.

Much love to both of them but the volume of times they went over the same points was amazing. Still watched the whole thing to fixate on the headset like a dog on a waving string of sausages though.


It does appear that way. Its one thing to be discusing the m1 testers as they are revealed. My understanding thst until the testing is complete & a date agreed upon. No coverage of the headset is to be done.

We all need to be patient until that time.


well for all our sakes, as long as these youtube vids by testers don’t tick off Pimax and the NDA…how closely is Pimax policing their NDA policy I wonder? What were Pimax expecting anyway (agreeing to this)…this isn’t really a surprise outcome. We’re salivating for real world news…so how to keep the beta testing under wraps as it’s ongoing is the question. Ban Youtube appearances with the M1?


Do you know when the NDA will be lifted? the wait to get all the info is killing me ; ;