Testers and Reviewers be vigilant


what ?! how is that statement come from ? you are speculating based speculation…


I’m, for once, grateful that Pimax has decided to send the M1 unit to the testers. Now, The M1 is being tested and I’m grateful to each one of the testers for their dedication and time. They are spending time scrutinizing the unit which will help shape the 8K to the better.

I really don’t see the need to micro analyse all the words they say nor I see the need to tell them what they should or not do. Only them and Pimax know the terms of the NDA hence I will refrain from speculating what’s allowed or not.

Two positive outcomes could happen at the end of the beta testing:

1- The M1 unit is fit for purpose and ready to be mass produced
2- Issues identified and to be fixed before mass production

I would say, lets wait for the beta testing to finish and see which issues have been identified, if any.


@Heliosurge Could you please close my thread as it seems a bit pointless now after recent events.



Yes its great that they did it, but all this should have been behind an airtight door, especially in the event issues were found. Let alone issues implied to take a long time to fix allowing pimax time to work out an assessment of the issues and how many are practically solvable.


i agree about closing this toxic thread, @Heliosurge

Let’s all just have patience until the other testers are announced please.


That helps , done it on the first few yards


The enrichment centre wishes to remind test subjects that areas outside designated chambers are for authorised personel only. For your own safety, and the integrity of the test, stay within the controlled testing environment. Also, do not submerge the device in water, even if it looks tasty, albeit dry; At the end of the day, there will be cake.



Closing thread as requested. Lets move on as many of you have said. There is many vr experiences we could be discusing in for use in VR v2.0.