Testers and Reviewers be vigilant


the testers don’t even know.


I don’t tbh. But at this point it would have some variance.

My understanding 1 week closed testing after all Testers receive headsets. I imagine near the end of the testing. Pimax & testers would discuss a release date & time to launch the results/reviews.

So only a guess. Once testing complete it is possible the following week’s end info might be released. Now parts of the NDA are likely still to be in effect.


the testers have specifically stated that they would not and could not review the m1. the m1 will be returned and then they will review the final shipping product. i think sweviver said that.


Agreed a bit of a slip of words. I more meant discussing the results/experience. Not to be confused with a final release review.

Thanks Jim for improving clarity. (Coffee not working yet) :coffee::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


That makes no sense. This was supposed to be a controlled closed beta test under an NDA with the aim to test for faults before lifting the NDA at which point all the videos/unboxing, reviews, chats and beans could be spilled, you can’t spill anything under an NDA, that’s the whole point of it.

Hype and smiles are fine (Ricky Gervais example with Magic Leap) but we are seeing 30+ min long video blogs when all what was meant to happen was a forum announcement of the testers when they all got the units.

Live streaming about it is not testing it! And I hate to point out the obvious. The two that have it now accept donations for their service so of course they are going to talk about it and generate as much hype as possible. I like both of their channels but I am not one to overlook the bias.


If the reviews reveal issues of substantial kind, Pimax surely just don‘t want that word out in detail after 5 months of delay. Then they will just point to the procedure they announced ahead of the tests: no reviews of M1.
However, if everything goes well with the M1 reviews - no reason to hold them back, right ? Especially as the M1 will then effectively be the golden master for production.

So if we do not get the reviews of M1 from the testers, I assume they at least have some minor corrections to sort out, possibly major ones.

My dilemma is, I don‘t mind if they have minor corrections, but major ones would worry me. But I will not be able to interpret no release of M1 reviews safely in either direction, so we then would be back at the uncertainty game.

But for the moment I assume that things are looking rather promising, the fact that the two known testers want to ramble along about the M1 without being able to say much already tells me that the first impression must be good, otherwise they would surely find it very awkward to sit there and talk all sorts of non-revealing stuff around the M1 while they know it actually sucks.

Good omens everywhere :heart_eyes:


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who watches the watchers?


On the outside, with people like me and a few others who spot potential risk and not afraid to raise it when we see it.

Now on the inside, Pimax should/could have a commercial manager controlling what can and can’t be said when it comes to NDA’s


There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Keep your kool @D3Pixel.
Breath in, breath out.


On the contrary this is more enforce. Kool as a cucumber me :slight_smile:


There are some more VR headsets coming up next year. But I don’t think they are this awesome like the 8K. Varjo makes VR sets for the business market. Not for consumers. Oculus could release a VR set in 2019/2020 earliest.

When I saw the Pimax 8K in the hands of Sebastian and SweViver, I really was excited, just like you, I guess. They are great testers and will deliver Pimax a great betatest review. I have to wait and hope for their success. It’ll come out fine. I am saving now for this 8K headset.


exactly, we have no idea if there currently is ongoing background communication that only the testers and Pimax are privi to.


one main concern i had was that only very little news would appear ,this being a result of pimaxs no full reviews till final version released ,i can only see this causing what is already escalating into a lets see who slips up first contest between tester, as how would you classify what denotes a full review ? and of coarse if all full reviews would only be allowed when final version have been received by testers then the full NDA could only be lifted then.

Now that only leaves the question what can they tell us that they cant tell us till the full review ,it makes no sense any more


I think it is relative. Some would be swayed on a summary with just three words “it is amazing” or slightly negative with, “It has promise”. Obviously a full review goes into detail but it takes very little review to get a single first impression. The reviewer has a lot of sway too.


v2 and v5 all had mixed reactions but still it appears we are not dealing with a finished item ,although it is still getting press or promotion by tester , now that that is the case, anyone watching the progress is expecting some news when testing is over ,and if swevivers video is anything to go by he mentions only full reviews aloud on final version ? is this speculating some info will be released or nothing to be released until finished units start sending to backers ,
really not looking forward to testers now receiving x5 units news
but yes they could leave nda on with no saying things like its great or its ok, just descriptions ,all lens distortion has gone and brightness is not an issue ,god rays better than vive .

just stinks of you will have to wait and see

we need somthing

its to exciting now


I personally wish that Pimax had kept all testing secret until the finished product. Many here are anxious to see if the headset will fail. Most of us backers are anxious to receive our units. No matter which category you fall into, not knowing and waiting is unacceptable, so it would have been best if they just surprised the market with the most sought after VR system possible.
I would be very happy to just go to the mailbox one day and get a huge surprise.


Whats your address :grinning: it can be arranged


if it fits into my mailbox ill be pretty disappointed. XD


I have a huge box. my postal worker hands it to me directly.


Mine will likely leave a note. Come get it lol.