Testers and Reviewers be vigilant


I mean ‘hypothetically’ if you had ’ in theory’ ‘played’ REDACTED for 5 hours and 'CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION’d it that would be awesome news. XD

My advice, do their tests, then have as much fun as possible. document everything on off chance you get to release it later. Like i really hope you have your first reaction recorded while turning it on etc for posterity. Other than that enjoy preview.


I guess there is a bit of truth here. I would not be astonished to learn that Sweviver, in balance, is not earning much if you consider his investment in terms of money for equipment, incl. not only VR but also recording hardware; and certainly looking at time invested into his channel.
On the other side he obviously cares about the income youtube generates, e.g. he was repeatedly annoyed with youtube because they changed the rules for commercialisation, so he tweeted his displeasure.
So know everybody can interpret this information for themselves - is he doing this to become a youtube star & rich, or does he really only care about enjoying it & getting his costs covered ? He is a guy like you and me, so probably both is true: he surely dreams of becoming well-known and making a living out of this hobby of his, but the plan A or B likely is, that if that doesn‘t work out, he at least doesn‘t want to loose too much money with it, and for the rest just enjoy the ride.
I have no issue with that. But indeed he will not reject money if it would come his way as a result of his yt channel… :wink:


Hey SweViver

I don’t envy the job you have, it must be extremely difficult to have a next gen VR headset in your hands and be gagged about talking about it considering your channel is all about communication.

This original post was more about being vigilant so any assumptions that you see as incorrect, well from your side, the record has been set straight. So thanks :thumbsup:

Keep being happy :slight_smile: and rest assured that this Forum is packed full of passionate people, like yourself that only want the best outcome for Pimax.


In my previous professional life in IT and hardware industry I saw many NDAs signed. The reasons could be different: Protect the IP, avoid marketing blunder, avoid disclosing bugs or negative PR, etc. Usually, you do not tell to your contract partners the exact reasons. The NDA is usually very precise in what is allowed and what is not and it is up to the signing parties to either agree (and sign) or make a counter proposal. At the and it is bounding as any other contract, there is no additional mystery.

What I saw happened at @mixedrealityTV first vid, would not be acceptable in the corporate word. You cannot agree to NDA terms (whatever they are) and then try to manipulate the public to put pressure on your contract partner to lift some NDA restrictions. In corporate word, you do it, and next time you do not have a partner. I assume @mixedrealityTV did it out of the ignorance and not of the lack of respect, but it was very unprofessional anyway.

Next, his vid was really not saying anything I did not already know, so it gave a strong impression, he was just trying to profit from the situation - being the first and at the time the only one tester who had M1. My negative impression about him comes from there.

I do not know what exactly is in the NDA testers had to agree, but if it says no coverage before the testing is finished, I would suggest to keep the attitude recently presented by @SweViver. Stay low, out of sight, do your job, do not let others to get you upset and enjoy (or sweat) through your endeavor.

Spending the time and energy on trying to explain either your situation, or trying to figure out how to pass information to us without violating the NDA is completely unnecessary and counterproductive.


Hey @SweViver been watching this unfold and posted a few times mostly questioning it and not in a positive way mostly because all the( at the end of nda) talk seem to be summarised by more (then we have to wait ) ,but hay seeing this from your side off things if pimax dont give you something to add other than we got m1 units, it was bound to go sour .
nobody throws away opportunities when they want them they would be fools ,so yer why wouldn’t you guys try get the most out of this ,appreciate what you are doing and hope pimax give you something to share for your troubles


By being one of only two known people in the western world out of just 10 people to get their hands on a next gen VR headset before anybody else? Not only is that a massive privilege and does wonders to ones reputation but also when their reviews come out, the extra subscribers that it brings and the benefits of that too.

Make no mistake, they got a golden ticket. :smiley:


Not the case at the moment as sweviver has already said the m1 video has created the most thumbs down he has ever had .

But ok yes the point of anyone with open news NDA or not is only going to yield if it promises or is expected to volunteer something ,unfortunately it would have produced more interest if they would have just said we got the units as expected and will tell you more when we can, moving on, hold the carrot ,now you got your ticket as anyone wanting to know about it will be waiting on your door step .
just go,s to show MRTV and Sweviver have got there christmas shoes on ,i know i have.

But thats not to say the carrots been eaten :sunglasses:
so it could turn its self around


Truth Imho, i think the closed beta would have been better served anonymous until complete.

What I mean by this is the blind test idea. Who the testers are would only be known by Pimax. The testers wouldn’t know who the other testers are either til the “week” of testing complete. The testers at that point would be introduced to one another & discuss results with pimax & agree on an unveiling date to share the results.

The benefit imo would be testers would complete the tests without the potenial to influence one another & the testers could enjoy some peace from the ravenous public; which often operates under a mob mentality. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


It may at present have gotten “thumbs down”; imho this is only due to the public at large doesn’t understand the process going on. And so the public’s expectation was to get more of the early treats when Pimax started the roadshows demoing a taste of what is to come.

Most as you say will only see the Carrot of them holding something they want & not wanting to wait to hear about later.


Well, the vast majority of corporate NDA‘s are completely boilerplate language, with solely the purpose being customized, mostly by simply mentioning the project or negotiation the NDA relates to, here it would probably be „for the purpose of evaluating the M1 pre-production unit in a closed beta“.
On what is allowed or not they usually just bluntly say you may not disclose any confidential information, i.e. in our case that would be interpreted to mean test results, impressions, thoughts on the M1 unit, to any third party,which here would mean anybody else than Pimax and if they have taken care to mention it, the other beta testers. Unless it has been approved by Pimax.
So it is usually not at all tailored to the specific project but a pretty standard template.
So the precision for the specific use case sometimes is lacking as a result of not having carefully thought through the exact application. In our case I would not even be surprised if they forgot to formally allow for disclosure to other beta testers.

However, I believe here it is generally more about a trust relationship and I do not think Pimax will truly consider suing any beta testers if they play foul - it would probably just mean that they would not be considered again for participation in any early testing or early review sample provision. Which, if the 8K is a blast, could be a major loss for the beta testers, because Pimax may be able to build on an eventual success of the 8K and release improved versions (e.g. a version allowing to switch between upscaled and full 6K) in the future, which these testers would not be allowed to do an early review on - at a point in time where it is not just 6000 backers and a handful of nerds watching out for the 8K, but potentially many many more. So the real threat for the testers is to piss off Pimax rather than truly risking a claim for damages.


I think everyone is getting excited right now ,maybe we all need to remember this is also a business and its success also makes jobs that in turn ,will turn another wheel and is for the long term (we hope).

No joke it seems to be all coming together and pimax ,although we all want an hourly update chose an open test ,for that sake we got somthing


I totally agree with you.
Surely the NDA is very restrictive, as they usually are, but the testers will not be able to say anything about it, for this very reason.


It is valid ,long term it may benefit the reviewers ,initial excitement over i think the testers we have already have pulled the reins in and will resume radio silence lol .
looking forward


Having signed many NDAs in the past. I believe the NDAs Pimax have given don’t cover the full spectrum. Usually they are written to withhold any information until X date. Are very precise i.e no videos or posts via social media, websites etc. The fact that both of the testers have shown the hardware in these videos means the NDA is perhaps pretty loose imo. We don’t know what communications the testers have with Pimax. If one was to be cynical, then these videos are raising awareness - one of the points of intent of the testing phase.


Don’t forget that these youtubers will make or break pimax and were probably responsible for the kickstarter success


Yes it’s all publicity ,one concern though is what happens if there are some issues requiring weeks for re-tooling etc , The quiet will be deafening


Well a few more weeks on the back of a product we know that will be decent can easily be stomached considering we’ve made it this far. I’ve always maintained that this beta testing is kind of lip-service with an agenda to promote more than anything. This testing and the NDA pretty much guarantees the impressions will be positive. Lots of “wows” lots of “amazing” is what youtubers do best. I am not suggesting it will be perfect mind, and it’s likely there will be some issues but I suspect these will be easily fixed. Any issues the testers bring up, Pimax can analyse and say they can fix with minor tweaking.

We shall see.


Sebbie may have had one too many sips in his last live stream.

We have lots of feedback and I don’t know how much time Pimax might need to address those things but I wouldn’t be too hopeful


Lets remember v5 ,that’s the ripple that needs smoothing out , a delay will not settle anything


Oh wow, that doesn’t sound good, does it?

Did he really say that?