Testers and Reviewers be vigilant


EEEKK (20)words or caracters, charlie chaplin


Can you post a Link for some context?



MRTV he is also very ( maybe over ) critical , look at his vive pro and other reviews , I think his mantra is honest criticism and no rose tinted glasses .


Dear @risa2000,

thanks for your message and giving so much thought to what I do on my channel. It is really flattering how much time and energy you spent thinking about my video. And even giving us this rare insight about your experiences in your professional life in the IT and hardware industry! :slight_smile:

As you said yourself though, you have no idea about the actual terms of the NDA. And therefore it is simply wrong to insinuate that I would pressure Pimax “to lift some NDA restrictions”, which again, you don’t even know what they are.

I could have just posted that unboxing and it would not have violated the NDA terms. But I chose not to out of respect for Pimax. I surely would love to share it, and probably you would be the first to watch it, but I am not going to do it. Again, out of respect to Pimax.

Now writing this message already took away 10 minutes of my time that I could have spent testing the unit. Therefore, spending your time and energy to spread this kind of negativity is completely unnecessary and counterproductive.

Sincerely, Sebastian


Yes, he’s German. And Germans only compare things to perfection :wink:


Actually, I do not care what you do on your channel. I watched only one video and it already convinced me to continue in not caring. In my post I explained why, and used you as an example. Your perception of what you did (or said) on your first vid is clearly quite different from mine and I guess we may leave it at that.


WTF! That’s a summary. What a foolish thing to say to the public during a closed test. Not impressed at all.


pretty damning words ,they do imply facts


? nothing tomorrow then ?

second look go,s a long way


Yeh in context it sounds much better though but he is very close to the line regarding breaking the NDA. We now know that both the testers have lots of feedback which means it has issues. We also know that whatever issues they have discovered aren’t necessarily going to be easily fixed. I am going to wager the comfort of the face foam being a problem and perhaps there is an issue with performance. As a user of the 4K I do hope some of the focus issues aren’t present, or the ghosting which to this day hasn’t been fixed. No expects the tester to give a free pass but I might have to eat my words then if there are serious issues.


head strap also, maybe


literally the entire purpose of the NDA was to avoid a statement like this causing rampant speculation/ upset in backers before final product is released. Incredible.


"…I wouldn’t be too hopeful" implies to me that it is a showstopper and no amount of reasonable time will fix whatever they have discovered. So something major like lenses or 80Hz or VR Sickness etc.

Headstraps can be tweaked, so can foam with little effort.

I will take this spilling the beans as very bad news until I am corrected.

Regardless, Sebastian just created a headline (slow clap)


Also if comments are kept between testers and Pimax as suggested they would then at least give Pimax a chance to address the testers concerns (without alarming backers or anyone else or giving ammo to naysayers). Sebastian has somewhat dropped the ball with his comment.


It’s not just the quoted statement too. Everything that is said after it implies that something is very off. that they both have reams of feedback, that the product had surprises , could be good or bad (lol) but that it was better that the tester ran into the surprises first.What the hell good surprises do you want the testers to run into before customers. literally unreal.

‘Western people probably see some things that chinese people don’t see and well sweviver and me we see those things’ aside from the wtf of that sentence, again implies issues.

I will tell you if pimax’s NDA allows this level of comment then they fucked up writing their NDA


Good point feedback at this point is neither positive /negative ,all news is implied and interpretable from both sides of the fence ,the more they dont say the worst it will get lol


Watching the video further he comments on the focus issue. This was the issue with the 4k. For me I needed to wear 1.5 reading glasses to correct the lack of focus in the center of the image. It can b e corrected moving the lenses further/closer to t h e screen… The Chinese vision is different to those in the west.


I give up. May as well lift the NDA and try damage control now. I bet some of the other testers are livid.


yes unfortunately its a case of make what you will of it at the moment ,as nda will stop any correction of assumed meaning to be taken from this that is wrong :scream: i have already made several assumptions based on very little information that have conflicting results when evaluated ,the worst being the ,and the best being ,you know what i mean :wink: