Testers and Reviewers be vigilant


lol , he said F’all , we can twist it as we wish to


FFS…how about we all agree @mixedrealityTV should stop making these livestreams with pimax in it…? Make the livestreams if you want BUT STOP TALKING ABOUT THE PIMAX.

Can’t believe it…


yep. sooner they lift NDA and reveal issues the better off they will be. It’s pulling off the bandaid territory now.


Maybe this M1 is not the final product , well we didn’t expect that did we ?


What happens in a few weeks when literally no news would be bad news


Logically, all backers are very aware of each of the words of the testers. I have seen all the videos, twitter, etc. Surely many will have done it too.

Things, said or not jokingly like saying that “If you want to see the unboxing ask that the people of pimax let me show it” with these more or less exact words and more phrases that people are collecting, they do not look good in a closed test.

Regarding the restrictiveness of the NDA, it is to be assumed that the other testers will know, it is also not a bad idea that in the end Pimax publishes these restrictions, I do not think that it influences at all. Do not?

But hey, if they have given explicit permission to someone, I do not know how this legal issue goes.

I think it’s better to concentrate on analyzing the product and then discuss it together. At the end of the day we are all working together to make it the best possible product.


I am going to predict far more delays then after the testing phase.Humbly eating my words here.


Sebastian a publicist , lol never
Why do you think Pimax sent him one

Controversy sells ask Donald !


He made some implications that he probably shouldn’t have. as Destraudo pointed out, he noted how western people like he and SweViver are seeing things that eastern people would not, also that pimax did the right thing by letting him see the surprises so backers dont have to. He then said good or bad surprises, but come on :slight_smile: who cares if they get a good surprise ? This implies they found bad surprises. and other things he said also imply issues such as asking how long will it take pimax to address these things they found.

All and all if I were Pimax I would be regretting sending this gentleman one. He is too eager to have info for people and get superchat donations, and if there are no serious issues as his comments imply… I would be super mad (if I were part of the pimax team)… but im not, so now im just concerned that we will have to wait another iteration of changes… I am hoping they are software issues and not hardware… but who knows. Maybe best to just lift the NDA now that everyone will think the worst based on this live feed info.


we are still riding the wave of V5 so it very important to “GET GOOD SUPRISES” i remember V2 being a big thing to Sebastian


So we now know m1 is f*cked and it will take a long time to sort all issues out. Something I started to think was unlikely but I guess I should have known better after the CES fuckup. Yeah might as well lift the nda now and let us know what’s going on


he also says that pimax can still address the surprises. Why would you address good surprises. Hoo. boy.

This shit seriously feels like going to see a movie with someone who has seen the movie, who thinks all their comments are neutral and not suggesting anything one way or the other but are actually revealing the ending.


well if its as good as we are going to get we should see shipping soon


i dont care at this point, ill take whatever they have so I can stop coming here for bad news :slight_smile:


gotta be better than the vive :grinning:


Just removed the cushion from the back of my vive pro , added some to the sides above the ears to stop the wobble and put in gear vr lens , happy with it for now
edit also replaced the face mask so it’s not so hot


although im not implying it is or in any way that i wish i had invested my money on a vive pro ,
or am i ?


I dont think it is positive. Sweviver said MANY times on his “i got it” video that “This is not my final version, I will send this back and get another” In previous posts on this forum he made it clear that he was okay if the test unit was what he got for his pledge. Why the bold restating that the M1 will not be the one he keeps? Must have issues ? I didnt think much of it until the other guy posted his livestream rant of negativity :slight_smile: These guys in a few days have really put a cloud over the M1. It is just true. Not so much Sweviver as MRTV


Just hope the refresh and wide FOV are not causing motion sickness


lol, that reminded me of this: