Testers and Reviewers be vigilant


I can never have too many headsets… “browsing ebay”


Apparently it is the tracking which has issues as well as the performance required to run it. N o t sure what gpus these testers are using but I can understand Sebs comment more now.


Seb has only got 1070 I think
Seviver has 1080ti


where is this info coming from?


How do you know this ?

Honestly , how? If it is true that would then suggest pimax fudged the tracking again


he hasn’t your right


i think that is an acceptable comment. he is testing… I like to paint but when a customer orders a large project painted… It is not as fun


i have seen all of the videos currently available and cannot find any that i would consider a rant or any that implies a serious problem. They only state over and over that they cannot reveal anything. please provide a link to the videos you consider problematic.


Already did above, it even starts the video at the proper place.


did you click video earlier in thread that goes to a time index later in a live stream? CMM posted it.


Its all speculative and dont let any one tell you any diffrent

we just dont know


In the "i got it " video swevive said that had just finished unboxed the m1, he did not even try it. He will return because its a test unit and for sure will not be perfect. Unless Sebastian had already said something bad about pimax to him.

Anyway i think people are freaking to much.

  1. the M1 is a testunit. Not the backers unit.
  2. SweViver and Sebastian got the testunit. They have to send it back, because it is a testunit, NOT a backersunit.
  3. They get their backersunit(s) - just like other backers - after their testing, because that is what they paid for.

That is what they say and have said. That is all. There are no surprises except for features they have not seen, or experienced yet. How to spin words is just short of miraculous, really. Stop speculating. It is in betatest!


another bad aspect of the vive pro for me is the sticky cable , is snags on the back of a smooth chair
maybe ok for standing but still grips everything including clothes/ trousers


What about wrapping it in electrical tape to give it a gloss finish?


For me the heat is by far the biggest issue with the vive pro. 20 minutes of gaming and I’m sweating like a pig. Since I mostly run in ‘night mode’ the God rays aren’t that much of a problem. Other than that I really love it.


Pimax updated 2 days ago with.

The tracking performance of M1 with 2 base stations is par with vive so far, but we are willing to take a step further, explore more possibilities and provide more options for you, the Pimax 5K/8K backers!

I do not think it would be a tracking issue that they are seeing in the M1 based on that.


Don’t let it get on to you! It is refreshing to have somebody still out there smiling!!
You go into the stuff where needed, but you are also still capable of enjoying all these things / life - and that is damn important - so in DCS terms, I got your six!
And in my terms, it seems that these day its almost harder to find some one positive about stuff and have the courage to tell that (verses yeah saying) instead of talking everything down just to be on the save side of things (most won’t complain if things are better than spoken about).
So stay positive! - shit comes around by itself, no need to beseech it.


i honestly dont know how you could watch that video cmm linked and make that statement.

Here is a rough transcript.
If you had sent this to the backers directly they would get some surprises, which might be positive but which might be negative, but now im getting these surprises, which might be positive but which might be negative as well, and… you can still address them pimax. which is very good so, i am facing those surprises and not the backers, so i think its the right thing to do this and im kind of sure that these 10 m1 testers can really help to make this a success, because really thats what we all want . We want the pimax 8k to be a big success.

Now maybe this is an issue of english not being some peoples first languages or something. But in english, you do not address good surprises, you also do not face good surprises. You address problems, and you face obstacles.


Guys, I can understand it is nerve wracking to have to wait for the device. It is this uncertainty that is bothersome. The uncertainty of when you will get it and how good the product actually will be. I understand that every single sentence that any of the 10 testers utter will be interpreted, probably taken out of context and twisted in any way possible.

Therefore I agree with @sweviver and some other members of the forum that it will be the best not to mention the device at all anymore and not to upload any videos of it, until the NDA is lifted.

Going to go back to testing now. Have a great Sunday, bye Sebastian