Testers and Reviewers be vigilant


Well, this closed beta is starting to look like a complete car crash even before 8 of 10 testers have been revealed.

As much as I am eager to learn what to expect from the M1, and consequently if the 8K will live up to the promise and when we can expect delivery, what I really really did not wnat to see happening is to get contradictory teasers from Sweviver and MRTV, which then of course will leave me completely in the dark as to what is really going on, how serious the stuff is, etc…

And now the first people here start to throw around statements like “it’s the tracking” etc., which, unless they have solid resources for that, is just a gigantic annoyance - probably having a good laugh to ruin other people’s days (it won’t ruin my day until I learn whether they had reliable sources - but MRTV’s comment ruined it for me, as he has the damn thing in his hands).


I agree…just focus on beta testing.


I think EVERYONE agrees with most of that, and that it should have been the stance from the beginning.
Unfortunately some bells cannot be un-rung. The negative implications you have put out there probably will hover until testing is over.

Calling everyone word twisters now to cover yourself is not very nice.


With every reveal of info, i have literally been on the front line convincing people not to speculate and to chill out. Your livestream is couched in negative language at several points. It’s within the realm of possibility that you don’t see this, but i assure you this is the case. It is absolutely the right call to stop talking about it until nda is lifted.


Yes but we do not know under what conditions Pimax made these comments. Tracking might be fine with Beat Saber but what about playing Fallout 4 VR for example which is far more demanding on the PC? I am only relaying what 2nd hand info I have been told via a closed group (which might comprise of other testers who aren’t those posting here btw).


This can not be unsaid. The damage is done


Yes, the “I wouldn’t be too hopeful” is the nail in the coffin here. It sounds like a general inherent issue that can’t be fixed without a complete redesign.

My money is on the 8K runs poorly on current GPUs (with more demanding experiences) and will need an 1180 or higher for smoother playing.

I am also going to wager that the 8K has the same focus issue as the 4K which doesn’t affect people who are short-sighted. Manual mechanical IPD adjustment will not help this, a separate lens adjustment would be needed but based on the 4K someone fixed this by adding spacers.


I think its the best, unfortunately each time you speak about pimax, small things go out even its not intended (its human nature) .I dont have problems with that and i like your videos, but many people are more sensitive. Just to avoid problems i think its better waiting :slight_smile:


“Which doesn’t effect people who are short sighted” so short sighted people don’t wear their glasses while using the 4K and it’s fine for them…?

And what are spacers?


anything you put between an object and its mounting point to shim or move the said object in a given direction


A high proportion of the Chinese population (especially the younger generation) are myopic. Therefore there is a slight difference in focus when using the 4K. For me I had to buy some cheap 1.5x reading glasses for like £3. This solved the issue but obviously caused other side effects like warping and some discomfort.

One user here took the 4K apart and added spacers between the lens and screen to fix this issue. He was very happy with the results but this isn’t something most people are going to try due to the complexity. If this is indeed an issue with the 8K then hopefully Pimax can make corrections for the western market in an M2. I assume it’s not easy for them to correct due to the lack of internal testers fitting the bill.

pho3nix - Apr 15

the problem is NOT caused by lenses issue [ at production ], or miopia… but with LENS to DISPLAY length - it is too close and you need a simple spacer to fix this.

I 3D printed 1.5mm spacer [ 2mm seems too too much for too short screw ] and put under lens mount and it helped much :slight_smile:
you just need to dissassembly P4K [ a lot of YT videos available, like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn4OvxV7XpM12 - 1:33 is where you want to be, also you don`t need to take apart front panel ]:

  1. take off the back foam with plastic holder - gently need to push a little and it should let go [ try not to brake anything and not use too much force ],
  2. remove plastic cover to get inside P4K - around 10-12 screws around,
  3. you should see lenses with 3 screws for each -> just put a spacers = and done.

Nothing else needs to be disassembled.


im myopic so they can send mine on over XD


Yes, very much agreed. I don’t judge them for it, it is also human nature.


It can be surprising how much info is relayed when not trying to relay anything at all.
Body language is fascinating to study.

Take this question for example “Is it better than the Vive Pro?”. Sebastian shakes his head slightly (an unconscious reaction meaning No) before saying “I can not tell this to you” which is a double tell as that is known as a contraction because most people would say “I can’t tell you that” but the contraction tell could just be language difference so I will disregard that bit.

Regardless, he still shakes his head to suggest “no” before saying he can’t answer :slight_smile:

Time at question:

The industry is watching, watching closely, closer than you can imagine.


I’m happy that there are problems that are being discovered, this gives Pimax the opportunity to address and fix them before the units ship to us. As has been stated before, it is better to have delays than to have problems with the final product. With the 4k, there were multiple problems which in the final analysis, could not be completely fixed. I think Pimax learned a lot about what westeners expect and this testing method and care is just what is needed for a polished and well designed headset.


I think actually the real problem now is: the M1 is a final product.

I’m worry there are no margin to hardware changes. I’m worry the feedback from testers will be for the next version of Pimax 16K and Pimax only offer us software updates. I’m worry about the result: hardware with big and unresolvables defectives. I would like to be wrong and I would like Pimax by @xunshu tell us clearly that there are margin for a M2, M3, etc.

I know all of us want desesperately our Pimax 8K ASAP. But guys, think that we need a VR device hardware that work well. This is the main objective of this group of testers and no other. If we detect serious hardware problems, we have to give feedback to Pimax and Pimax has to solve the problems with a new virtual reality device, an M2 in this case. And again with an M3 if necessary. We do not expect to receive any payment for this hard work, but in exchange we would like a good Pimax 8K VR device.

I will be very critical mainly with screen (ghosting, blur, etc) and lenses (god rays, distortion, etc).

I think Pimax are working at maximum. The quality of screens depen of other suppliers. If the Pimax team need more time to develop a better VR device, I think they could say it clearly, and will have my confidence. But sending M1, M2, M3, etc to testers and receiving feedback from they, of course.

I’m disposal to wait some month more for a good VR device, and testing and give feedback to Pimax during this time. What do you think about it @xunshu? We would like a crystal answer.

Best regards from Barcelona, Spain.


Was this ever noticed on the v5 ? I would assume there are two versions of headsets if this is so prominent. How to other HMD manufacturers manage it?


Body language is complex. He could have simply been shaking his head in disapproval of the question. I can hear his words and know what he is saying. So while I am not a fan of the negative leaks in his live stream. I cannot say his body language says this or that. That is too interpretive for me


@sjefdeklerk and @D3Pixel drama alert confirmed!

Seriously you guys have no freakin clue what you are talking about. Your assumptions has transformed into some kind of out of context paranoia conspiracy theories. Its hilarious.

Could you please calm down, take a breath and just wait WITHOUT making any false “statements”? Because so far everything you have said and claimed in this thread is completely wrong. I can confirm that.

And honestly, this thread is waste of time for you all guys, belive me. You could as well start watching UFO or Flat Earth videos. I guess this is how false propaganda is born.

Back to testings, thank god…


Well said. Best approach would be for testers to just keep quiet until all can be revealed.