Testers and Reviewers be vigilant


This is wonderful and amusing! Thank you so much for your attention!

I am not sure if you recognized that I am wearing a T-shirt of the “First Order” which is an autocratic military dictatorship in the Star Wars franchise, introduced in the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now just think of all the hidden implications for the M1 testing! XD

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I think the key word here is “Testing Phase”. lets not forget that. The idea was to have western eyes check out the product and the testers are doing just that and reporting back accordingly.

Pimax has been very clear that they will take on board what the testers write up. So we should feel some confidence in that. The only thing to speculate here is how long of a delay will be caused as a result. I am still confident adding spacers won’t be something too difficult for them (if that is an issue). As for the performance, that only becomes an issue if you are using a lower end GPU - requirements are a 1070 or higher. Maybe brainwarp can help in this area and perhaps those with a 1080Ti can play certain things better. As mentioned, the performance issues might not even be a problem on certain VR games/experiences. We have to remember that the remit here is to test all scenarios, and I think we can all agree that Fallout 4 VR is a lot more demanding than Beat Saber.


dude. with respect. when someone talks about surprises needing to be ‘addressed’, and ‘faced’, this is language with an absolute negative connotation. So if you actually want people to calm down, don’t tell them they have no idea what they are talking about, that it is propaganda etc when they have been lead down this path by very clear negative language in @mixedrealityTV 's video. Even the people watching the live stream raised the alarm at what he was saying at the time.

I’m willing to suggest and even accept that this is a language barrier issue. but if it is and you guys don’t realise that words like addressed and faced are explicitly negative , then it is better to go silent completely on testing rather than further give inaccurate impressions as to your feelings .

It’s super frustrating for me, because ask anyone who posts here a lot and they will tell you i made it my business in last 6 months to come in and try and stop people freaking the fuck out wherever i saw it. I have gotten shit for it as a pimax shill. But what the hell am i supposed to do to calm this. If making the statements in the first place was not breaking NDA , clarifying and correcting the things people are thinking off the back of them absolutely is.


You want to insult people… and then tell them to calm down… you first?

People here have simply analyzed a live feed that you and your friend MRTV decided to put up. It is completely different to pop in with defamatory b.s directed at… the forum ? Because they have interest in the current state of the M1? If this type of attention was not wanted on the pimax backer forum, then perhaps you should have left the M1 out of the videos and feeds until testing is over… This is not because everyone under the sun is paranoid. They just had the unfortunate experience of listening to a live stream that was used to get clicks and views at the expense of leaking info it should not have. This is on the two testers not the backers. So perhaps try again with a better attitude if you wish to calm the waters… seems you intended to make a splash instead with that comment.

You wanted to test a product that is insanely popular… this may require you to grow a thicker skin so that you do not lash out at the public.


We ve been thru alot of ups and downs last few months on this forum…To be fair to all us backers i think we are all on edge with pimax info. In hindsight it would have been better if nothing at all about pimax was posted on ur utube channels…did u guys not expect no one to bombard u with questions u couldn’t answer?? Or make assumptions?


The problems start when people talk more than they should talk.
One thing is to show that the M1 have been received, and another thing to talk, talk and talk to not say anything, then there are interpretations, etc.

Please, evaluators, please evaluate.


oh the irony lol. Good one.


to talk and not be able to say anything … better to be silent.

If you are looking for a role and ask for fiber optic money and go to a new office … then it is all great.

I prefer not to see or hear anything of any channel until Pimax of green light and permission to all the testers

the interpretations for now only make me confused.


My Pimax 8K NDA they should have used.

You hereby agree to.

  1. Not post any comments, images or videos on the M1 testing unit once received on any social media or website channels (which include but are not limited to) Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Discord) and forums or online communities.
  2. Not divulge any information to third parties.
  3. Not discuss the M1 unit in any form until the agreed time.
  4. Acknowledge that the M1 is a testing unit and is not final.
  5. Agree to send a report back to Pimax (in confidentiality) of your findings.
  6. Not to offer a “review” or critique until we lift the embargo.

Failure to comply with the terms of this agreement will result in legal proceedings against you.



I already saw all this mess coming.

You can not go out on a YouTube channel without transmitting information and it is clear that people will demand it from you. If you do not give it, you will have problems; If you give it, even unintentionally, you will have problems. In short, it will always be nothing more than a source of problems until you can talk openly about it.

For the sake of the tests and the health of the nerves, we better reassure ourselves a little and let all the testers do their work; when they finish we will have a clearer vision.



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Something like that must be, more or less. It seems very logical to me.


Ugh…wont let me:) mongo is the best…didnt think anyone would get it…lol…there you go…mongo back


Yes but the less part can be ambiguous hence why we are all here in this thread. I would wager Pimax are new to this and didn’t stipulate strong enough what the testers could post.

Most NDAs I have signed are blanket, you agree not to show anything in very clear terms and if you do, face $5,000,000 or more lawsuit against you or your company. So none of the I have the item, and here it is in a video, or here are some pictures but I can’t talk about it.

In retrospect,

Pimax should have simply announced they were using 10 undisclosed testers and mentioned they would be under an NDA with a clause to never talk about it until such time as they deemed fit.


Let’s not forget. Our product testers are actually Pimax Kickstarter funders. SweViver is #2 for crying out loud. These kinds of guys are called Early Adopters. No matter what, people like them are very much going to decide whether a product is their space is successful … or not, because they are the first ones peeing in the well so to speak, or making coolaid. It really is not an easy thing to be an early adopter. The money and time to really know the field. and then to turn around and give that information to others, It makes it an honest full time job. But the pay is lousy. What you get is TRUST. It’s a peer reviewed community as well. If you disagree with other early adopters it’s noted; your accuracy builds more trust. And it’s not mob rules, because the kinds of people that drink from the fountain first are also early adopters, but the haven’t dedicated their lives, and somewhat reputations, to the cause. So PImax is extremely wise to go to The Source, Because they have already put other Products In Their Place (roasted Vive Pro) and saved us probably countless tens of millions because they stopped the poisoning at the source.
It is my belief that Pimax engineers are early adopters, not Early Acquirers like Facebook and HTC. This is why they are not afraid to go into the Wolf’s Den. They are one of us.


Nor do I find it wrong to reveal all the testers, so that people have more confidence that they are tested by someone they trust; and a photo of each one with the M1, indicating that it has arrived without problems, but nothing more.


And what if we all stop talking for a while instead of not saying anything constructive for once?!?!??!
I mean …Cmon what are we all doing here a part from speculating and spreading toxicity?

If @SweViver or @mixedrealityTV did say too much or broke any NDA then don’t worry, Pimax will let them know.
But for now the best thing to do and i insist is to stop this BS, let them focus on what they have to do and even close topic.

@Heliosurge pls


So much comment, I still not see any problem except too much fear.
Have issues? okay fix it, that is general process of testing.

While we still not get any feedback or review, but people still can know about headset problem. That why tester have to sign the NDA because sometime people have much concern and have panic although it is a little issue.

Less talk, oh they are hiding the problem.
Much talk, oh they are scam.
So, let they to work in their process.


Well.to me …If i had Issues, I rather not talk about it !!!
Good news always smile open to read !!!