Thank you for today's honest update, but what about wireless?

First off, I really enjoy my 5k+, it has been a great headset. I would be seriously considering the upgrade options to 8kx or 8k+ except that I am at a place in my VR journey where wireless is a must have feature before I make any new purchases. On the Day 2 video they talked about the testing of wireless so I was hoping your update today would address this topic.

On the day 2 video, I believe they said the wireless module would work with everything except the 8kx. Until I can see the 8k+ demonstrated with the wireless module I will not be upgrading. It is just too big of a purchase to make hoping the wireless is finally released and supports that headset.

I sincerely hope you can demonstrate that functionality before the upgrade plans expire on Dec 31st or extend that timeline if purchased with the wireless module.