The Actions and Plans on Pimax after-sale services



sorry, I checked the sup tracking history, only can find our guys’ comments, you sent the picture by mail? this is our mistake, few days ago I require them to tracking mainly by sup, so may missed your mail. sorry.
I will ask @Sean.Huang to update the sup and execute the replacements


Thanks for that @Kwentin . I was hoping it would have shipped already for us, but at least it’s a answer.


Hi Mozi

One of our members awhile ago identified a possible cause for no response from user to staff on tickets.

Some have replied to the Notification email & not via support desk.

I reccommend modifying thr notification email to include a header & footer.

Please logon to your support account to view/respond to your SUPON. Do not reply to this email as it is only a push Notification.

Also many companies that have these kind of Notification emails the sending account often looks something like this


to @mozi
I don’t know what kind of position you’re in at the company, but what you said is something that anyone has said before. However, I want to believe it again this time.
I look forward to Monday.


great! We’ll add such a header &footer.


Hi @mozi ( And to all community )

I write a post here to ask information about my pre-order. Sorry if i do it in the wrong place.
Pre-order P122057, 18 November 2018. French country.

Thanks for your help and good luck in your work at after-sale services.


It will be two months tomorrow since my headset should have been delivered, and still no answer for 10 days because you are : “contacting our logistics partner”, it’s time for a change @mozi


" Sorry for late reply. We forward the “Denial of receipt A***** L***.pdf” you provided to our logistics partner two weeks ago but no update. Just now, we called the partner and will reply you once she replied us.

After this investigation, we will report this case to the team and give you a solution, thanks for your understanding."

Well done @mozi, it’s art ! So now I just have to wait another month, then you will just call another person, that won’t reply, and then…

The carrier failed to deliver your product. Now you send another product to your customer and get insurance from the carrier. It’s that simple !!!

@pimax @PimaxVR @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao


Hi,according to our plan this order should be shipped out before 25th this month. I will double check internally


Really sorry Lebois,just confirmed internally, your headset should shipped out very early, could you check with the DPD first and I am still checking internally to see what is the matter


Hi Martinluther, still need you provide the shipping phone number then we can arrange the shipping


You might want to revise your communication to customers too when promising ‘quick’ replacements.


Could you detail what I should check ? The first parcel has been stolen !!


Are you jocking !!! This is the tracking number of the parcel stolen two months ago !!!

So, as I expected and said before : “And for me, this new topic sounds like “hey ! I am the new guy that replace the old one, so we will start everything from the beginning”…”

It’s just above everything I ever saw !!!



I’m not so bored to joke with you at midnight. What I saw the SUP 121 is as followings, so I have to check your back number record. I really can’t find any info to tell me that your headset were stolen.


Open a ticket now and tell me the details so that we can solve your issue.


So obviously this number (that doesn’t appear in every mail), is linked to two different cases.

I sent you by MP all the mails I received, do I really need to start all over again ?


D.Backers can escalate the issue if they don’t receive any reply within 4 days

I sent mails to on March 6th and March 13th - no answer so far, not even an automatically generated “please be advised”.
Can I escalate now?
My backer number is 300 and spreadsheet status is “need further communication” (really funny, isn’t it :slight_smile: ).

@mozi: Can you please clarify what happened and when I will get my 5K+?


I created SUPEN-2753 four days ago and have not received a response yet (I did receive the automated “Just confirming that we got your request. We’re on it.” email). Tried escalating, but received the following error:


It happens regardless of how many times I refresh the page.


Hi, really sorry for late response. the tracking record shows that your order has arrived our oversea warehouse, will provide the tracking number these two days, I will double check with our guys and feedback you today