The Actions and Plans on Pimax after-sale services



Hi @Mozi and welcome to the mad house :slight_smile:

So far My 5K+ has been OK even though my head phone jack is faulty, and now I see a crack starting to appear on one of the corners, I am in no hurry to get it replaced, I can see you are busy and I can wait, BUT would like to know how long can I leave it until you say it will not be replaced ?


I can’t even login to support.
It said’‘Sorry, your username and password are incorrect - please try again.’ '( i made no mistake )
I tried Reset password still the same error massage
I emailed to sean.huang but no answer.

Hit and dead end :stop_sign:


sorry, this is a bug of current sup system, our IT is trying to fix. give me your email please!


@Sean.Huang update the ticket just now. We will check to see how to speed up.


Open a sup, and we will arrange the replacements


Open a sup, and we will arrange the replacements

That is not what I asked!!
Now this is were Pimax fall down, can not read the question correctly.


Thanks for that Mozi


Really sorry for late response. for your 5k+, I will check internally and feedback you by today.
for the controller we would release two version–Light version and the standard version. standard versions will have thumbstick.


User can not login to the support system.
You and @Dallas.Hao: stop encouraging users to file a support ticket when the system doesn’t even work!


Yes this issue is getting tiresome. Don Angel would have had this fixed by now.


Wow! Thanks!
First update about Pimax controllers for about 6 months!
Now we know the names: Light (touch version) and Standart (thumbstick version)


Must be almost ready to ship one would think.



No,it’s time to collecting unanswered issues, and resolve them together


The team has been collecting for months. Move on to answering. :rofl::joy::rofl::sweat_smile::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


After receiving my 5k plus I was anxious to use it only to be sadly disappointed that problem is with the headset not functioning. Described in detail, sent short video, and wait for a response. With your explanation of how things are, I can now understand the delay in response. Having a useable 4k, my first unit, which arrived defective back then as well, a replacement was issued and all was well. Little tricky getting it to work sometimes. But glad to see your interest in customer service and satisfaction. Wish you guys well. You beat the air out the competition.


@Mich about the P122923 ,Followings are the updates:
1.Your 5K+ had been shipped out from Shanghai at 6th March, suppose can arrive UK before 23th this month.
2.Still need you update your shipping address which currently missed the phone number and province.our guys ever sent the email by, please reply that mail


At the time when I had placed the order, there was unfortunately no thumbstick to choose from.

Can you change it please?

I already wrote the support. But he ignored it.

In the order is still trackpad when I log in and see in the order.

Can you please change it so it will not be forgotten.

Thumbstick is better !!!

Many thanks for your help.


Of course,you can change your controllers version by sending email to

They will reply you timely.


Of course, I have already done that several times.
They do not answer me and they do not change it.

I already wrote that to you.

Pimax just can not get it changed.



As others I can’t even log into the support system. Resetting password allows me to change password but does not help - still no login possible.